Adoration for the most average weekends


I adored the weekend just gone (please come back) yet I did absolutely nothing special during it. I didn’t go out out, I didn’t do anything to my hair or put on much make up, I didn’t celebrate anything, go shopping, drink wine or try anything new apart from putting cheesy nachos inside a fajita which was a dream come true.

Happiness at the weekend can still be dancing until 4am, trying to phone the ‘Night Tsar’ on a help phone at Bank tube station and getting in round after round of Cafe Patron. All of that is still fun, I still like doing it and I get genuinely excited about the prospect of going out somewhere which requires me to think about my choice of shoe and sharpen my eyeliner, but there’s a whole new contented feeling in town come 5pm on a Friday.

These days, weekend satisfaction and all round happy feelings include:

-Cleaning things with bleach that smell like citrus fruits and then commenting on how fresh everything is for the rest of the day.

-Homeware shopping online until I realise I don’t need any of it, saving a few links and then repeating the next day.

-Walking. Walking anywhere with water, trees, ideally swans and maybe a nice photogenic bridge.

-Not sleeping in. The me of five years ago wants to slap the me of right now hard around the face and throw a glass of water over me, but it’s true. Being dressed, functioning and coherent outside of the house by 9am makes me feel like I’m coasting through life as opposed to the desperately treading water and shaking my head feeling I have most of the time.

-Drinking enough wine to feel warm and fall asleep easily and doing it because FRIDAY, but not so much that I wake up and need to stick my head out of a window at 7am and do the ‘phone, keys, bank cards, ID’ bag check that follows a heavy evening. (I haven’t actually had to do this in so long and I sort of miss it but also NO).

-Being able to get in on a Saturday afternoon and stay in where there will be no wind, no rain, no chance of being failed by public transplant, no queues, no general public and no need to have clean hair.

I know the ‘being a granny’ in your 20s thing is hardly groundbreaking but being a bit boring and predictable has never felt better. I also think that after a long time and very up and down 12 months, I’ve finally embraced a better mindset and a rosier outlook, which makes lovely weekend all the more lovely.

Why nostalgia gave me the best weekend 

If you’re like me, and you let the news get to you, you’re probably not having the greatest time ever. Me and my boyfriend were discussing our shock at not having received a BBC breaking news notification involving something tragic, scary or worrying in about 12 hours on Sunday night night. That didn’t last much longer. That’s current bedtime chat these days. Oh 2016.

Last weekend though was a welcome break from feeling disillusioned and worried and I would like to thank nostalgia. I love nostalgia. I love 90s films and quotes from the noughties and lists of stuff that we all used to obsess over in high school or games we used to fill our time with before smart phones and the internet consumed us all (I’m looking at you Dream Phone).

Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood. I started reading the books at some point in primary school and then stayed with them as they were released, then moved onto the films and basically became a full on Hogwarts obsessive. I happened to meet like-minded people at uni to talk about my love for all things Gryffindor and Snape over pineapple VKs with, so I’ve never really left HP behind.

When I saw the announcement of the Cursed Child plays I was deep in the middle of saving to move and decided I couldn’t justify the tickets, but the stars and planets and Dumbledore aligned and I ended up getting tickets from a friend who, for varying circumstances, had some spares.

That is what filled my Saturday last weekend. We saw both plays in one day and chucked in a jolly old trip to Wahaca in the middle to discuss part one, drink margaritas and catch Pokemon.

That was the other trip down memory lane, but with a futuristic twist. Bloody Pokemon Go. I can not claim in any way, shape or form to know much about Pokemon. I asked my boyfriend if Chazard and Rockaway were Pokemon names, so that sums up my knowledge. I did however have the cards as a kid and I did collect them and get really excited about the shiny ones and put them in an album. I really like this game. Despite myself and my normal disdain I just love the idea of something that makes me feel like a child again being suddenly so relevant.

I went to bed pretty happy on Saturday night. A full day of reliving the most carefree years of my life was needed, even if I didn’t know it. There’s a reason why nostalgia does so well as vital content and my contented feeling after a day of dementors, quidditch, JK Rowling fan girling and Squirtle chasing sums up why. It’s just nice to visit the stuff that made you happy once upon a time and nice to be reminded of things that continue to make you happy today.

The theatre was Crammed with people from all walks of life, different ages and from all over the world getting another slice of a story that’s enchanted so many people and it was really rather lovely. As is watching a group of suit-clad grown ups scurrying down London streets on their lunch break collecting Pokemon. It might seem stupid or immature or ridiculous to some, but nostalgia isn’t any of those things. It’s just a really good way of reclaiming a happy time and dragging it into current life.

Take that 2016. You are not all doom and gloom.


14 standard Friday behaviours


1) Buy a  really overpriced and fattening coffee on the way in to work because FRIDAY.

2) Treat yourself to something really overpriced and fattening for lunch because FRIDAY.

3) Wait patiently for someone to send round the ‘pub?’ email.

4) Think about exactly how late you will stay in bed tomorrow pretty much all day despite the fact you know you’ll wake up at 8 anyway.

5) Say ‘I’m so glad it’s Friday’ to colleagues at least 17 times throughout the day.

6) Spend more time than usual not working and scrolling through Buzzfeed or working out if you have the right clean underwear to go with your night out outfit.

7) Like about 234 ‘FRIYAY’ images on Instagram.

8) Buy a gin in a tin for the way home because it’s the weekend and it’s your time to shine.

9) Play the ‘do I check my bank balance before the weekend or pretend I am Bill Gates for the next two days’ game.

10) Find time to power walk to the nearest clothes shop at lunchtime to buy something because you’ve lived to see the end of another week.

11) Prosecco.

12) WhatsApp all friends to remind them it’s Friday.

13) Start winding down at lunchtime and getting genuinely shocked when someone sends you an actionable email.

14) Buying food to make something indulgent and really, really bad for you for breakfast on Saturday.


6 amazing documentaries you need to watch 

Erm, can we just talk about documentaries? I’m having a massive re-emergence of love for them and I just want to take all my annual leave (or leave my job entirely) and stay at home all day with the documentary channel and some houmous.

There are SO many good ones out there right now and I’m not even talking about new trendy ones, the Internet is bursting with doc films. My latest documentary hype started with, unsurprisingly, watching Making a Murderer on Netflix, and by about episode three I was fully back on the documentary bandwagon. I don’t know how anyone can not enjoy a good gritty, real-life tv show. Its perfect.

Anyway enough of me basically asking documentaries as a whole to marry and settle down with me, and onto my point- documentaries you need to watch and where you can find them.

  1. Making a Murderer

On the off chance you haven’t watched this- get it on Netflix. It’s about a guy who was wrongly jailed for 18 YEARS, released and then the following events that unfold are literally unbelievable. It’s ridiculous and amazing and SO addictive. It’s 10 episodes so prepare to binge.

2. JonBenet Ramsey

Massive shoutout to Hannah Gale for showing me this one back in our student days. It focuses on the murder of six year old JonBenet- whose body was found in her own home- and the case remains unsolved despite it being heard in front of the grand jury several times. Lots of insane family happenings and WEIRD circumstances. This is on YouTube– Turn the volume up- the sound quality isn’t great for this link but it appears to have the whole documentary in one place.

3. Hot girls wanted

You know Ann from Parks and Recreation right? Well she made a documentary for Netflix and it’s pretty bloody good. In case you’ve made the fatal error of not watching P&R her actual name is Rashida Jones and she made a documentary focussing on how young girls in the US get into porn. Not something I’d usually watch but I saw it advertised on the home page and stuck it on, after ten minutes I was totally fascinated. It’s hugely eye opening, partly sad and partly liberating.

4) Dear Zachary

Good grief, saddle up for a dose of harrowing viewing. Probably even harder to watch than Making a Murderer and seriously emotional. Don’t watch this if you’re feeling fragile, but you have to watch at some point. You can catch it on YouTube or Netflix.

5) Louis Theroux- The city addicted to crystal meth

So all the Louis Theroux documentaries are amazing, and now they’re on Netflix- dream come true. This particular one is set in one American town with a crazy meth problem and looks at addicts, recovery centres and what the police encounter. Shocking, and very sad, but so interesting.

6) Catfish- the original

So pretty much everyone has seen or heard (I imagine) about the MTV show Catfish. BUT have you seen the one off original documentary that inspired the show? If not you need to. Nev Schulmam, who’s the filmmaker, met a girl online and fell in love- I probably don’t need to explain more. This is SO good, one of my all time documentary films, and so interesting in the height of the social media world we live in.

Buckle up on the sofa. It’s time to get serious.

5 Delicious reasons to get yourself to Fulham this weekend

I’ve lived in Fulham for two and a half years now. It feels like the longest time ever but also like it’s absolutely flown. One thing I’ve done an awful lot of in my little corner of town, is eat. Fulham might not be an obvious choice for a Sunday stroll or somewhere to spend a lazy Saturday, but it should be. It actually has a fair amount to offer, especially in the eating category.

1) Moosh 17 Jerdan Place, Fulham

Brunch is basically my favourite thing. It’s eating, it’s not too early, it usually involves breakfast food (the best of all food) and you can have it with alcohol if you fancy. What’s not to love? This place embodies all my favourite things. Good coffee, delicious smoothies, fresh juices, amazing bread and pancakes. If you’re a bit of a health freak and like your brunching to involve some of your 5 a day and a hit of protein, Moosh have you covered. The banana and rasperry pancakes with natural yogurt make me so happy I could explode. They also do amazing superfood granola topped with a heap of fresh fruit. They ALSO do waffles with fro-yo and blueberries if you’re feeling fancy. All of the brunch stars.


2) Chairs and Coffee 512 fulham road 

This is one for anyone who loves and respects coffee. These guys know how to put together a cup of caffeine. The best coffee I’ve ever had, easily. The service in here is also amazing, the staff are super friendly and the owner will tell you all you could ever need to know about the coffee bean, should you ask. They also do Aperol Spritz if you fancy a hair of the dog type affair. You can get banana bread to die for and some seriously delicious granola. If you want something to fill you up, they do amazing smashed avocado on toast and goats cheese paninis. I think I could probably move in and live here. On the cake table.


3) Hally’s 60 New Kings Road

You’ll struggle to find a more chic lunch spot than this place. It’s like a pinterest dream come true. The cafe calls itself a ‘Californian style hang-out’ and it doesn’t disappoint. it’s so bright and breezy AND you can bring in dogs. It’s pretty much ideal in every way. The food is yum, the coffee is good and the decor is divine. Perfect girly catch up spot for Made in Chelsea cast spotting, if that’s what you’re into.


4) The Harwood arms Walham Grove

This is currently the only Michelin starred pub in London, so you would go in expecting something quite special, and special it definitely is. The food, service, decor, drinks menu and quiet location make up a perfect up-market dining experience. They also do Sunday lunch and are famed for their scotch eggs. Easily one of the best meals out I’ve ever had and considering the quality it’s fairly reasonable. They also give you the most insanely delicious warm bread to tuck into while you choose your food. Free carbs.


5) Del Aziz 

Moroccan inspired restaurant/bar/shisha cafe. Amazingly good burgers cooked however you want them, enormous slabs of cake, giant meringues and ALL of the cocktails. Go for happy hour, get some mojitos and try some red velvet cake. They do breakfast as well which includes Moroccan pancakes which I vouch for as being divine and covered in honey.


If you get tired of eating (who are you?) you can wonder along Kings Road, take a walk to South park, stroll through Parson’s Green and just generally admire how the super rich live in this corner of West London. Oh and if you’re weird enough like me to be into really pretty front doors, Fulham has that covered.

What Saturdays are REALLY about 


If you read a lot of blogs or ‘weekend’ interviews with super hot famous people then you’ll probably feel like you need to include more organic juicing, hot yoga and meditation to your Saturday routine. The glossy online world and instagram society would have us believe that girls spend their weekends pampering, eating and drinking plant based meals, soul cleansing, burning calories by hanging upside down while practicing Buddhism and being sprayed with aloe Vera and other such ludicrous activities. Erm, soz, but…no? Saturday’s are first and foremost, for a lot of working people but not all of course, a day off. Followed by another day off. Hallelujah to that. 

Saturday in my house is all about not setting alarms, sleeping off the Friday night post-work wine binge, blowing money on unnecessary things, laying about, eating yummy food and asking each other if anyone fancies their 24th coffee of the day. Oh and plenty of laying, to prepare for Saturday night activities of either going out again or being a total slob and watching mass Netflix. I bloody love weekends. 

I’m definitely not one for wasting days and I tend to get stuff done at the weekend, as my boyfriend will tell you through a grimace. But I’m also a firm believer that Saturday is a day for the good things in life and the easy things in life. 

Things I really do on Saturday: 

1) lay in bed naked in the mornings, scrolling through social media and whatsapping, wondering if I should get up and go to the gym. Sometimes going to the gym, sometimes going and getting the waffle maker out. (I tend to get dressed for these bits)

2) Going directly to H&M, buying expensive smoothie/coffee and getting annoyed by all people and wishing they would all get in the sea. 

3) How many more days can I not shave my legs for?

4) Looking through the alcohol cupboard to see if there’s a good combo of cocktail ingredients that won’t taste like sugary poison. If it’s not a drinking weekend then looking through food cupboards for things that are precisely sugary poison. 

5) Potentially laying in bed with cystitis wondering what I did in another life to deserve this. 

6) Heavily debating acceptable films to watch with my boyfriend. This Saturday: Hercules.

7) Googling cheap flights. 

8) Doing about 40000 loads of washing then crying inside about putting it all away because how can any chore be this lame?

I mean, let’s be honest, Saturday should be spent however you like, but you don’t need to mimic Gwyneth Paltrow and be all about kale and karma before 9am. 

4 favourite things from the last week


Unicorn scrapbook | Humanist celebrations | Maybelline nails | Outdoor summer wedding

Today all I’ve done is go for brunch and wonder around a book shop. Tired is an understatement. It’s been an immensely busy week and I wanted to post something this weekend but have been struggling to put any kind of ideas together in my head. I was flicking through my camera roll this morning deleting some hazy, wine fuelled photography from this weekend and realised what a lovely week it’s actually been.

It was the last full week for me in my current job and it’s been a bit emotional as I am in love with my colleagues and want to cling on to them and take them all with me. We spent Friday night drinking and playing with a glow in the dark penis and listening to 80s music, so that was delightful.

I wandered into Paperchase this weekend and saw the above unicorn photo album and just thought, bloody hell, how ideal is this? I haven’t purchased it yet but I have a feeling it won’t be long. One thing I did purchase was that amazing sunshine yellow nail varnish from Maybelline. I’m going to just use it all summer and offend everyone with how bright my fingertips are. I love it. and it doesn’t chip. Like seriously, this is some strong paint.

The flowers and rose buds are decorations from the most gorgeous, hippy, quaint outdoor humanist wedding celebration I went to on Saturday. I’ve never been to a humanist wedding before, but I am 100% having one if I ever take the plunge into matrimony. it’s essentially a ceremony made up of meaningful things to the couple getting hitched, and features no religious element. It took place in a garden in Dalston and was full of gorgeous flowers, white ribbons, gin and prosecco stations and topped off with an outdoor pizza oven. Basically the wedding dream and Pinterest explosion. The balloons were also from the wedding and feature because I just love balloons. So yeah.


Here’s What a £10 charity shop haul can look like 

so there are evidently a lot of reasons to shop in charity shops. It’s a way of buying clothes and supporting a good cause at the same time. It’s a way of getting clothes much cheaper than high street prices. It’s a way of supporting a charity close to your heart. The list goes on. When I first started this blog I was rambling on a lot about charity shops, because where I live in Fulham I am a stones throw from lots. I live directly next door to one and I am probably their most regular customer. Charity shops had never been on my radar before but I got heavily involved. My wardrobe drawers literally broke. So yeah, it got a bit much. My boyfriend got a bit scared. I had to cut down on buying floral shirts from the 60s, but lately I’ve got back in the game.

I think more people should take up charity shop spending. You can get some seriously impressive bargains, as I proved again today in the British Heart Foundation shop on my road. 

This is what a £10 charity shop haul can look like if you do it right: 

1) Vero Moda white top £4

 2) Vintage oversized green jumper £1.50 

3) Urban Outfitters silk cullotes £1.50 

4) Mink Pink denim leopard shorts £3 



Three usually expensive labels and a seriously cool old man jumper that I will wear to death in the winter for only £10. If you have a few hours spare on a Saturday and don’t mind riffling through racks of weird and wonderful clothes and bags, get yourself into some charity shops. It’s a seriously cost-effective way of boosting your wardrobe without breaking the bank and you feel quite good about it after. Win win situation. 

Respect yourself. You deserve it. 


I’m currently laying in bed, at 5:30pm on a Sunday, having only moved today to put on washing and buy food. It’s been good. Like really, very good. However this sort of behaviour usually fogs up my brain with guilt and I get grumpy because I’ve wasted a day and not achieved anything. Well not today. In fact not anymore, because I deserve this day of being a total sloth, wearing pants that are far too big to ever be sexy, a grey Minnie Mouse top and a greasy ponytail. I’m looking fly, to say the least. 

The reason I won’t beat myself up over it, is because over the last couple of weeks I have realised something about respecting your own life. I have a lot of respect for a lot of people. Friends, family members, my boyfriend, famous people, politicians, athletes, authors. The list is endless. I never really think about respect for me though. Bit crap of me really. I’m fairly great, soz, but I am. It’s so awkward to write that down or think it about yourself and why is that? Because we don’t think about ourselves enough. Not in the big picture anyway. We think about appearance and being tired and our general needs. But there’s so much more to think. Me. Moi. Number one. We achieve as much as the next person in our own way, in different ways, in small ways and big ways. We feel proud of ourselves yeah, of course we do, but over the last couple of weeks, trekking, resting, laying, travelling and thinking, I’ve realised I owe myself some respect. 

I think we all owe ourselves a bit. Ive just had some big life news, finished a big project, achieved some big things at work over the last few years, saved money, travelled, fought and continue to fight a chronic illness, battled with my family against bad times, held down a relationship for four years. GO ME. BLOODY HELL, YOU GO GIRL. *All of the sassy celebratory emojis* 

We HAVE to do more than feel proud sometimes. We have to feel really bloody respectful towards ourselves. Otherwise the amazing things we do go forgotten and let’s face it, we need them close in our minds sometimes. We need them to boost us, to perk us up, spur us on, to remind us of that time we wanted something and we went out and GOT IT. 

It might take a long time to be able to do it, but do give it a go. It feels really nice. R E S P E C T. (Find out what it means to me etc)