One to buy- Loreal La Palette Nude

Loreal’s latest nude eyeshadow palette is about the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time. Nudes so often look the same that it seems almost pointless to buy more, but if you find yourself traveling any time soon this is well worth some of your spending money.  

It reminds me of Urban Decay shadow in the way it goes on quite heavily on the first application and doesn’t crumble onto your cheeks. There’s very little loose powder too which means you don’t waste half of the colour blowing it off or dusting it out of the bottom of make up bags. 

The dark grey and warm brown make the palette worth it on their own. For darker colours they don’t crease, they stay bright and they shimmer just the right amount without making it look like you’re trying to channel your inner Mariah Carey. 

This particular boxed palette is a travel exclusive but you can get the set in Boots for £14.99. Honestly the prettiest palette I’ve seen this year for nude hues and for the small price tag, definitely the best quality. It has brilliant staying power, a good, long brush and is really easy to blend for smokey eyes or a light barely-there look. 10/10 Loreal. 


A face mask that’s worth your pennies from Soap & Glory

My skin has been behaving like a spoilt toddler lately- I’ve given it what it needs, spent money on it, fussed over it and it’s still been having tantrums. Basically a combination of slack make-up brush cleaning, going to the gym with make up on a couple of times and some disagreement with a new shampoo has left my face a bit out of sorts. And lumpy. Really rather lumpy.

I bang on about how sensitive and difficult my skin is all the time, so I won’t go into detail, but there is one combo that makes it feel clean, smooths it out and scrubs all the dirt and other random objects that linger on it to make it feel all new and happy. The Soap and Glory No More Clogs heating face mask came to me after my friend recommended it and I stumbled into Boots and found it on offer the next day. Fate.

I was a bit nervous of it because the heating confused me at first and I thought it was stinging, but nope. It’s pretty bloody glorious. It says to put a ‘grape sized’ blob on your face, then scrub in with wet hands. I always use a little bit more, because I think I have a face the size of the moon, but also I find it harder to get it covered evenly with a smaller amount.

Whenever I wash it off I feel a bit like someones hosed me down and removed all my sins. It’s so cleansing and your face feels like it’s been plumped up and steam cleaned. Besides Elemis face wash, this is my favourite face product. Sensitive skin sufferers and everyone else- go indulge in it’s warm, blue goodness.

It exfoliates well too.

What you should buy from Boots No 7 

The two things I love most about No 7 products are the price and the softness. It’s also a bonus they don’t leave me with an extensive, lumpy, unhappy rash on my overly sensitive face like so many products that came before them. I realised I could use No 7 without fear of a break out about 2 years ago and I jumped on board the No 7 boat for life.

I used to only use their moisturiser and face wipes, but since I ditched wipes, got a boots card and actually used one those vouchers you ALWAYS get in boots for £5 on a mini haul, I’ve started using everything.

I went in a couple of weeks ago and used their skin matching service to buy my first foundation in 4 years (I know). I’ve always managed to somehow have both frying pan oily and lizard dry skin at the same time so foundation basically falls off or dries up and makes my face look like an old tree.

After getting the whole combination skin thing under better control (thank you forever Elemis Tri-enzyme face wash), my sister recommend I go get the skin matching done. I left Boots with a properly matched (cool beige because I’m the colour of milk) ‘Airbrush Away’ foundation, mascara, foundation brush and new moisturiser.

 If you need something light, medium coverage and reasonably priced, I couldn’t recommend it more. The colour matching makes such an enormous difference and it looks invisible, just like you have clear, soft and even skin- the whole point right? I’m a foundation novice but I’m so happy with it. The brush is really worthwhile too. It’s the perfect size even for moon faces like mine.

I also use No 7 to get all my make up off these days. Their ‘Melting Gel Cleanser’ which I’ve been using for about 3 months first came into play when my skin was suddenly so dry it was coming off in strips. An attractiveness peak in my life. It’s super soft and you don’t even feel like you need to moisturise after and it’s ideal for washing off make up or just as a first cleanse. If you need to fix some dry skin give this a whirl. It took about two days of use to make a really noticeable difference. Same with the body wash.

Another face wash winner is their foaming cleanser. I know foam washes are known to be drying but this stuff left me with clearer skin really fast and I didn’t break out, so I added it to immediately to my ‘no risk of cheek hives’ hall of fame. Also good at getting off make up.

The ‘Dramatic Lift’ mascara is just mascara but a firm 9/10. Good brush, not clumpy, long lashes.

And lastly their moisturiser is perfection. Good for very sensitive medium dry skin, lasts a good amount of time and doesn’t cling for ages when you’re trying to get ready. They also do a good thick night cream which I need to repurchase.

That’s probably enough No 7 worshipping (this isn’t sponsored or anything, it’s just true love), but my summer face is definitely going to top up my boots card points.

The face mask for people who want new skin

 Skin can be pretty grim, let’s be honest. Oily, spotty, dry, flaky, dirty, dull- all of the loveliest words that can be used to describe a really shit time for your face. I always thought I would leave my teenage years and immediately have amazing, blemish-free, glowing skin because adults don’t get spots. If only that were true.

I’ve spent a small fortune on all manner of products to tame my troublesome face, a lot of which I’ve documented on here, and only a few I would actually recommend. My favourite brand by far and the one I don’t mind splashing out on is Elemis. My beauty therapist friend first recommeneded it to me and it totally changed everything. In a couple of short months I had the best skin ever (after a small hiccup using it in Thailand when I most certainly shouldn’t) thanks to the resurfacing facial wash. My aforementioned friend who is an angel gave me a spare Elemis resurfacing face mask when I went to stay with her a couple of weeks ago, and me and my face are pretty happy about it.

The mask quite literally makes you feel like your skin has been replaced. A stark warning though, the tingling you get from this, as warned on the bottle, is INTENSE. Like someone is sort of poking hot sticks all over your face, which at first caused me to stand up and start examining my face in the mirror from the bath, expecting to see a full fire where my nose was, but all was fine.

After three uses I had less blackheads, reduced redness around my eyes and smoother skin on my usually lumpy forehead. If you get to the point with your skin where you feel like you want to just take it off and start again, give this a go. The facewash too. It’s a mid-range product but worth a little splurge and both will last you a fair while. The point of the ‘resurfacing’ action is to take off all the dead skin cells that are hanging out, blocking pores and making you look dull.

Go get it.