14 things to do, eat or treat yo’self to this Valentines


I’ve never been a big V day person and I definitely will not be found on Sunday rolling around in rose petals eating heart shaped things and wearing pink underwear. My boyfriend genuinely sent me an iPhone calendar invite for a meal on Sunday. That’s where my life is at. Romance is not dead, and on Sunday I intend to eat my bodyweight in Turkish food and then nurse a food baby on the sofa.

Through the years though, it’s given me some great nights out, hilarious ironic cinema trips (all the single ladies) and most importantly- damn good food. Even if you aren’t going to be rolling through town on a whirlwind of romantic drinks, candlelit dinners and cocktails with your significant other, here’s 14 V day bits to do, eat or treat yo’self to:

1) Breakfast for dinner at the Breakfast Club. Nothing says true love like a stack of pancakes as big as your head.

2) Cocktails at the Shoreditch Grind.  The apple of my eye martini is well worth a purchase.

3) THIS JUMPER– My boyfriend is so handsome looking all invisible and shit

4) All of the chocolatey goodness and tips to make someone VERY happy from Thorntons.

5) Anti-Valentines nights out. Because sober Monday mornings are overrated.

6) Battersea Cats and Dogs home- feline lonely? Hang out with cats, get some complimentary bubbly and find the little kitty of your dreams.

7) Flight Club, Shoreditch. For anyone who wants to forget about love and throw sharp things. This is place is ridiculously fun.

8) Bottomless brunches in London. This will make someone love you if they don’t already, or just please mates enormously.

9) Proper tasty– I’ve just discovered these food geniuses and basically want to stay in forever and make every single recipe. You do not need to go out to eat well.

10) Bloody Valentines Cabin at The York and Albany. Twisted, anti-love fun. No romance, just a blood-spattered room and food to die for.

11) This ASOS heart sweater, just because.

12) Documentary day indoors with your one true love- bed.

13) Rock N Rose red rose flower crown because you should be able to wear flowers on Valentines day. Or just buy and save for festival season, obvs.

14) The Hotel Chocolat Hearts and Truffles box. Aside from their Gin Puddles, the truffles are the BEST sweet treats they do.

5 different things to do in London with the girls

So London might have a bit of everything but it can get samey. If you want to try something new in the coming summer months with your gal pals, then I recommend all of these. Indoor, outdoor, shopping, drinking and dress up. GO GO GO.

1) The London Blitz Party

I’ve done this twice and it is SO much fun. War themed, with lots of retro props and always in a cool venue, it’s definitely not your average night out, as you have to dress up in 40s clothes and the music in the venue is live 40s stuff- think swing. The drinks are all based around the theme too, and I strongly recommend going just for the Raspberry Collins cocktails. If you love going all in on the hair and make up then this is seriously worth a try. You can get tickets here and they happen once a month or so.


2) Judy’s Vintage Fair

If you love a bargain, love vintage, love trawling charity shops and markets and enjoy dressing in clothes from various decades, get yourself to one of these. The vintage kilo sales are amazing. You get a massive basket when you go in and then you pay by the weight of it- genius. Last time I went I came away with 5 things for £15, and you can’t grumble at that. Get there early though, as a queue forms outside and you want to grab the sexiest tie-dye dresses and old man jumpers, don’t you? If you get in when the doors open, you can get out early enough for brunch after to compare purchases. Perfection.  These happen around London and you can check out events here, but the Bethnal Green event in York Hall is my favourite.



If you want to do something a bit more on the wild side and are in the mood to go out out all night long, look up events held by XOYO Loves. They usually put on really good DJs in cool as you like venues and you can rely on them to drop glitter or giant balloons on the crowd just to make you all EVEN more excited. The XOYO club in Shoreditch is always a good bet if you want to go on a trendy bar crawl pre-flashing lights and shape throwing (and there’s a place next door to get chips). Get your most comfy shoes, your mates, do some stretches and be prepared to dance.


4) Bring Your Own Cocktail

perfect for birthday celebrations or just a catch up with the girls accompanied by some seriously delicious drinks. The general idea is you bring the booze, the mixologist makes the cocktail. You can take anything you like along, and if there’s a big enough group you can mix it up nicely, then you hand it over to the skilled staff and they add the extras. More fun and a novel change than just going out for cocktails.


5) Crazy Golf

Yep. GOLF. Crazy golf has never been on my radar until the last year, but now there are places popping up all the over place in London, particularly the south. It’s fun, it’s something different, and you can have a great time laughing at the person in your group who is generally just HORRENDOUS at the game. For something themed and slightly whacky, try the Jurassic Encounter golf course in New Malden. You can get a nice ice cream or go for a coffee after, or just swing into Kingston and sit by the river.