Outfit: The £1 jacket and the last days of autumn

I have an aspiring photographer for a boyfriend and an amazing £1 jacket I got from a vintage clothes stand at a Sunday market. So this happened.

Sunday was the perfect crisp, sunny autumnal day (once the fog subsided) and as there probably aren’t many left before we all start freezing and getting icicles on our noses whenever we leave the house, it seemed rude not to stroll through the pretty back streets of Fulham.



I got this (mildly ridiculous) jacket from a Sunday morning half carboot/half farmers market a while back and it was so worth getting up for. If you have anything like a carboot or clothing sale near you, try and drag yourself out of bed on a Sunday and go thrifting. They may start early but the bargains are seriously impressive. Who WOULDN’T need a velour floral bomber jacket? I also got two silver plated photo frames for £3 and a burger the size of torso. I need to go to more of these things. Time Out have a list of the best ones in London, so knock yourselves out. Go wild.


Sunday was also one of the fast fading days where the weather allowed feet to be shoved into shoes with no tights or socks and not cause toes to turn blue. I stumbled upon these slightly aggressive looking flats in Debenhams (I know, there actually are things to buy in Debenhams) and turns out they are outrageously comfortable and go with pretty much everything. Perfect office shoes that won’t fall apart in the rain.



I also want to just shove it down everyone’s throats again that if you live in or around London, you should definitely dedicate a day one weekend soon to come to Fulham and go for brunch and a wonder. It’s SO pretty and my Sunday morning stropll made me really sad to think about leaving soon.

The other point to this post (aside from in your face velour, boot sales and red trees) is to ask any bloggers in London who want some free snaps taken with professional equipment over the next few weeks to give me a shout.

5 Delicious reasons to get yourself to Fulham this weekend

I’ve lived in Fulham for two and a half years now. It feels like the longest time ever but also like it’s absolutely flown. One thing I’ve done an awful lot of in my little corner of town, is eat. Fulham might not be an obvious choice for a Sunday stroll or somewhere to spend a lazy Saturday, but it should be. It actually has a fair amount to offer, especially in the eating category.

1) Moosh 17 Jerdan Place, Fulham

Brunch is basically my favourite thing. It’s eating, it’s not too early, it usually involves breakfast food (the best of all food) and you can have it with alcohol if you fancy. What’s not to love? This place embodies all my favourite things. Good coffee, delicious smoothies, fresh juices, amazing bread and pancakes. If you’re a bit of a health freak and like your brunching to involve some of your 5 a day and a hit of protein, Moosh have you covered. The banana and rasperry pancakes with natural yogurt make me so happy I could explode. They also do amazing superfood granola topped with a heap of fresh fruit. They ALSO do waffles with fro-yo and blueberries if you’re feeling fancy. All of the brunch stars.


2) Chairs and Coffee 512 fulham road 

This is one for anyone who loves and respects coffee. These guys know how to put together a cup of caffeine. The best coffee I’ve ever had, easily. The service in here is also amazing, the staff are super friendly and the owner will tell you all you could ever need to know about the coffee bean, should you ask. They also do Aperol Spritz if you fancy a hair of the dog type affair. You can get banana bread to die for and some seriously delicious granola. If you want something to fill you up, they do amazing smashed avocado on toast and goats cheese paninis. I think I could probably move in and live here. On the cake table.


3) Hally’s 60 New Kings Road

You’ll struggle to find a more chic lunch spot than this place. It’s like a pinterest dream come true. The cafe calls itself a ‘Californian style hang-out’ and it doesn’t disappoint. it’s so bright and breezy AND you can bring in dogs. It’s pretty much ideal in every way. The food is yum, the coffee is good and the decor is divine. Perfect girly catch up spot for Made in Chelsea cast spotting, if that’s what you’re into.


4) The Harwood arms Walham Grove

This is currently the only Michelin starred pub in London, so you would go in expecting something quite special, and special it definitely is. The food, service, decor, drinks menu and quiet location make up a perfect up-market dining experience. They also do Sunday lunch and are famed for their scotch eggs. Easily one of the best meals out I’ve ever had and considering the quality it’s fairly reasonable. They also give you the most insanely delicious warm bread to tuck into while you choose your food. Free carbs.


5) Del Aziz 

Moroccan inspired restaurant/bar/shisha cafe. Amazingly good burgers cooked however you want them, enormous slabs of cake, giant meringues and ALL of the cocktails. Go for happy hour, get some mojitos and try some red velvet cake. They do breakfast as well which includes Moroccan pancakes which I vouch for as being divine and covered in honey.


If you get tired of eating (who are you?) you can wonder along Kings Road, take a walk to South park, stroll through Parson’s Green and just generally admire how the super rich live in this corner of West London. Oh and if you’re weird enough like me to be into really pretty front doors, Fulham has that covered.