One to buy- Loreal La Palette Nude

Loreal’s latest nude eyeshadow palette is about the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time. Nudes so often look the same that it seems almost pointless to buy more, but if you find yourself traveling any time soon this is well worth some of your spending money.  

It reminds me of Urban Decay shadow in the way it goes on quite heavily on the first application and doesn’t crumble onto your cheeks. There’s very little loose powder too which means you don’t waste half of the colour blowing it off or dusting it out of the bottom of make up bags. 

The dark grey and warm brown make the palette worth it on their own. For darker colours they don’t crease, they stay bright and they shimmer just the right amount without making it look like you’re trying to channel your inner Mariah Carey. 

This particular boxed palette is a travel exclusive but you can get the set in Boots for ¬£14.99. Honestly the prettiest palette I’ve seen this year for nude hues and for the small price tag, definitely the best quality. It has brilliant staying power, a good, long brush and is really easy to blend for smokey eyes or a light barely-there look. 10/10 Loreal. 


Palette heaven from Seventeen

This time last year I was having lunch with my friend and wiping eyeliner off of my cheek using a spoon as a mirror because, like, glamour. I then said that 2015 would be the year I learnt how to apply make up properly so I had fewer days looking like a child who had raided mum’s dressing table.

I’m not sure how well that has gone, but I do now own proper make up brushes and I have actually learnt how to use eyeshadow (kind of). Small steps.

If you’re in the market for some new palettes, the ones from Seventeen* at Boots are gorgeous- lips and eyes.

I’ve never been one for applying lip gloss with a brush because it feels like fake make up from my early teens, but these are so bright and moisturising, you would never imagine they’re from a palette and not a lipstick. 


The eye pallets are equally as good and they don’t crease or look a totally different shade when you put them on. They also blend insanely well, which is my new thing and makes me feel totally like a well rounded woman. Blending eyeshadow. So adult.

These bad boys really are bargain beauty at its very best. I can’t recommend them enough.

I highly recommend if you’re going for the subtle, colour pop look for your Christmas party:

 Just kidding, obvs. But seriously, these are such little beauts. Ideal stocking fillers or just to top up your make up bag. I’ve been using them for a couple of months now so I have fully test driven. I don’t have fancy photos of me wearing said make up because quite frankly I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve forgotten every single time I’ve used them. I’m a bad blogger, but you need to know that these are out there waiting for you. 


*A product sent to me, but opinions are reviews are all my own and 100% genuine.