About and contact- Let’s work together!


Get in touch! Let’s work together

Email me: laurenrellis010@gmail.com

Twitter: @laurenrellis

Instagram: larellis9

I’m a Londoner and I do a lot of this blogging stuff while stuck in tube delays and standing on platforms. The rest of the time you’ll find me hunched over a laptop most likely searching for flights to somewhere hot.

I write about travel, the struggles of being in your 20s, health, beauty and fitness.

I like villages, the sea, cooking, TripAdvisor and anything peanut flavoured.

Blogging stats 

Monthly views: 6,000+

Twitter: 1,460+

Instagram: 1,060+

Bloglovin: 451

Currently daily average views: 365

8 thoughts on “About and contact- Let’s work together!

  1. Hi Lauren, I nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award because I bloody love your blog. The deets are on my blog if you want to see what I’m chatting about, but feel free to completely ignore this! Have a lovely rest of Friday 😁


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