I had a really terrible day and I’m glad it happened


Last week I had a succession of really bad days. They just kept on coming and even though it was only six days, it felt like months. I was feeling angry for my mum who’s recovering from a big operation and was stuck in a house without heat or a shower thanks to our boiler breaking and the insurance failing to sort it out. I had a headache from feeling stressed, I was living out of hotel rooms due to the boiler fiasco, I was trying to deal with house and mortgage stuff and I also had pain in every joint of my body from sleeping in uncomfortable beds and carrying heavy bags around. Woe. Is. Me.

The really bad day was the Friday. I hadn’t been able to wash my hair in three days so I was strolling round London looking like a greasy, sad alien and feeling VERY sorry for myself. I also dropped some chickpea stew on my brand new jumper, stubbed my toe on a desk and woke up with loads of spots. It was really, really glamourous and I am as shocked as you are that I’m now not an international super model.

I don’t like being in a bad mood, not that anyone does, but I just hate that feeling of being stuck in a grumpy rut when all you’re good for is being alone and going to bed. On this day though, after a really bad week, I revelled in this bad mood. I actually started to enjoy how many things were going wrong, stacking up more and more reasons to feel snappy and annoyed and not talk to people and buy really expensive coffee because I deserved it.

By the time I went to bed that night, having made no progress on all the things that had gone wrong that week (in a hotel, because still no boiler four days on), I had reached such depths of feeling unspeakably hard done by, that I thought I might never feel happy again. The next day though, with freshly washed hair and less lunch on my clothes, I started feeling more human and a billion times more refreshed and with that came an overwhelming sense of relief that the bad mood was over, but actually I needed that day.

I really needed to feel sorry for myself. I really needed to spend a day feeling exactly as I felt and not trying to hide stress and anger. I needed to be moody. I needed to be alone. I needed to not apologise for feeling like crap.

There seems to be a movement among millennials (particularly the social media savvy) to really push positivity, to own opportunities and seize productivity and make good stuff happen, but it can’t be like that all the time. No one feels that way all the time.

Bad days aren’t anything to shout about usually, but sometimes just accepting them and owning the mood is all you can do. Coming round from a crap day and awful mood makes you realise all over again that actually, things aren’t so bad and it could be much worse.

8 thoughts on “I had a really terrible day and I’m glad it happened

  1. Yes! I totally get this. I think sometimes the best thing you can do is ‘call of the search’ for productivity in a day and accept you’re human and just relax. I think sometimes it’s much easier if your body physically says no to accept that you need to rest than if your head is in the same mood – we’re always trying to turn it around. I hope you have a better week coming up and feel refreshed for letting yourself have those 24 hours!


  2. I identified so much with this post! It’s so easy to think that you have to be happy and positive all the time, and it can be hard when you’re just having one of those days. It’s always good to learn from it and come back with a bounce!

    Hope you have a much better week ahead of you!

    Honor xxx | honorjane.blogspot.co.uk


  3. And that bad mood of yours also inspired some really lovely writing!
    I know what you mean though; positive living is wonderful (I try to live it because I want to not because I have to) but some days (mine is ALWAYS PMT triggered) it’s easier to give in, stomp and revel in it… although on those kind of days now, I will just go to bed early and get over it.


  4. I completely agree! I think sometimes we need to really just embrace our feelings and ride with them for a while. It’s obviously not a good thing if we end up being negative for weeks on end but a bit of time for rage and sadness is pretty healthy! I hate how when you say you feel sad or fed up etc., people always ask why and then try to pick through why your reasons aren’t good enough to feel that way – the fact we feel that emotion is enough reason to feel it! If that makes sense.. xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy


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