Between Christmas and NYE – 10 things that always happen

I sort of hate the bit between Christmas and NYE. I always feel bloated, end up walking the family dog in the rain a lot, and I miss the Christmas build up. The build up is the best bit. I see more people in the month of December than I do all year round and I love it. There’s better coffee to be drank, everything looks a bit nicer with fairy lights on and you get some tinsel obscuring your search bar at work. It’s just a nice time, and yes I do like wrapping presents. 

Last year I spent this bit really ill with a gross cold and tissue stuffed up my nose, but I feel this year will be a return to classic happenings. These classic happenings: 

1) I will go for my second run of the festive period (the first being Boxing Day) and then come home and refuel with cheese balls or salt and vinegar sticks. 

2) I will find myself in the kitchen talking about the fact we need to buy more Wednesleydale with cranberries next year, but we won’t and the cycle will continue. 

3) I will see more family and receive a key ring. Last year I got a fairy one, complete with glittery wings. Previous years include a Westie ( which I love and use) and a cactus with dimples.

4) “I’m going back to 4 gym classes a week as of Wednesday.” 

5) I’ll try and create a fancy coffee with alcohol in. It’ll be disgusting. 

6) I will wear several pairs of different coloured slipper socks and slip on the wooden floor at least once. 

7) I’ll write my annual health and fitness goals then immediately eat a buffet meal.

8) I will do a core workout following a YouTube video and kick the Christmas tree. 

9) I will take the dog to the park with my dad and she will roll in muddy puddles or poo until she’s brown and then we’ll bath her while she growls. Her very own festive tradition. 

10) I will wake up really early and think about all the rare sleeping in opportunities I’m missing and resent myself. 

PS. That is not my house. 

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