Christmas snowball truffles recipe

It’s close enough to Christmas to make these now and not to have worry about freezing them because in my experience, stuff like this never makes it to the day itself. When I decided to make these I was fully in Nigella mode, making lists and buying stacks of dark chocolate. Then it actually came to it and life reminded me that I am most certainly NOT Nigella.

It took me a while to get into the swing of truffle making, and despite the fact I had to clean chocolate off of the fridge, the floor, the tumble dryer and the back door handle (things got heated), it’s really not hard. It might be tempting to just buy the many thousands of truffles on sale in shops wrapped up in pretty boxes, but trust me, they taste so much better when you make them.

I made mine with dark chocolate 300g of it to be exact. You also need 300ml of double cream, some cocoa powder, some desiccated coconut and some butter. I also crushed up some almonds for mine, but if you can’t be bothered with that, the coconut is fine.

The chocolate making process is really simple, and you will still feel like a culinary, Christmassy genius at this stage. The cream and the butter go into a saucepan on a medium heat until they slowly combine, then simmer them for a couple of minutes, then mix in your chopped up your chocolate until it turns into a velvety smooth mixture. If you want to make it orange flavoured chocolate, squeeze in the juice and zest of a couple of oranges now. Once you’re done with the melting, pour it into a bowl and chill it for a few hours.

I usually get put off cooking or baking when you have to take a break in the middle, but it’s worth it. When your chocolate goo is chilled and hard (but not so hard you can’t scoop it and shape it) roll it into balls and then roll in the coconut, and THERE YOU HAVE IT. Snowball truffles. I did some of mine in plain cocoa powder too to mix it up and a few in almonds.

You’ll need to put them straight back in the fridge to avoid melted, messy truffles. You can also freeze them so they last a bit longer- the cream means they need to be eaten in about three days after making if you don’t freeze. Happy truffling! 

They are bloody delicious and if you need last minute presents they’re perfect. 

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