Friends and feelings and stuff 

There are few things in life I find as comforting as good friends. I love the feeling of sitting down with a group of people who I can be completely at ease with, talk to about anything and feel at home around, no matter where we are. It’s perhaps rarer than I probably think to have this luxury and I’m often reminded how lucky I am to have people in my life who make me feel comfortable. 

I don’t want to be made to feel important or special or better than anyone else. I’ll take comfortable all day long.

When I was a teenager I thought that popularity and having a massive circle of people around you would equate to happiness. It didn’t matter how much I really liked them, I just saw safety in numbers. I thought the best way to feel on top of life was to be liked, be in demand and be the envy of others from time to time. All of those thoughts of course were wrong and I’ve long since been put right by life. There’s so much more that matters when it comes to friends than quantity and friends matter for so many reasons. 

I don’t see my best friends all the time, and it doesn’t matter because they accept life for what it is- hectic. That’s been one of the biggest lessons life has thrown at me- it always gets in the way. It’s when it gets in the way with the worst kind of things, the big things, the things that shape us and upset us and change us, that having those people who bring comfort and happiness no matter how many weeks or months it’s been that become so important. 

I’m very happy with my understated, happy and unfussed group of friends. I’m happy with good people, feeling accepted and being supported. I no longer need social media displays of ‘look how great my friends are and how many I have’ and I don’t need reassurance and shows of allegiance. I just need to know that those people who rock up to our meetings in noisy bars, cosy pubs, weird restaurants and living rooms will stay in my life and keep that comfortable, warm feeling of friendship going for many years to come. I think Christmas has made me a bit emotional or something, but here’s to the best of friends and good human beings.

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