8 alternative reasons to love Christmas


Yes, Christmas is great, no disputing it over here. I love the present wrapping and the festive films and all the good cheer and wooden huts selling mulled wine, but there’s plenty of other reasons to fawn over the winter/festive period that don’t involve glitter and coffee cups with jumpers on. For example:

1) News stories about really awful winter wonderland experiences. Two hour queues to park, muddy fields, drunk santa, no santa at all, angry parents and brown fake snow. This is my personal favourite and you can guarantee a whole flurry (see what I did there) of them every year.

2) Men in full suits and Christmas jumpers on the tube. Christmas jumper day (this year it’s December 16th, get ready people) is my favourite commute of the year. I love nothing more than seeing men in sharp suits with a casual reindeer chilling under their blazer.

3) Photos of really awful Christmas baking. Gingerbread houses with more problems than vogue, sad looking mince pies and attempts at making snowmen that look like melty piles of shampoo with eyes. I’ve already seen about three round ups like this in the news and it’s only December 7th.

4) Any story of any person who isn’t you doing something awful and highly regrettable at their office party. It’s such a cliche but also fully hilarious to watch your friends die inside while they tell you the horrors of their night out and why they can probably never go back to work.

5) The word eggnog.

6) Photos of cats stuck in Christmas trees. Another classic.

7) Horrific office Christmas decorations. The bald Christmas tree celebrating it’s 20th Christmas. The broken baubles and really sad looking streamers. Quite frankly, the worse the better.

8) People crammed on public transport standing silently in their work suits holding massive boxes with ‘Adventure Farm including 15 different animals’ or ‘Sleepy baby complete with two sets of pyjamas’ emblazoned across them.

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