7 things I would like for Christmas that money can’t buy


My Christmas list this year consists mainly of pots, pans, a wok, some IKEA vouchers and these really nice coffee cups from H&M with pineapples on.  I’ve never really been one for making lists of things I want people to buy me, because my requests usually get ignored (I asked for some wood this year to build my own shoedrobe and got shot down) or I fail at coming with anything I really want when put on the spot.

Also let’s face it, we’re lucky to get presents at all, and as soppy as it sounds I am thankful for any kind of present, even if it is a chocolate bar I’ll eat in three seconds flat or a pair of socks. If I could have anything for Christmas, like anything at all that I wanted, it would all be stuff money can’t buy- and this is my ‘off the top of my head’ list:

1) My dog to live much longer than her predicted 11 years and stay youthful and cute and excited all the time.

2) A way to make my bladder talk or communicate with me. I just need to know what’s going on in there and get some advance warning of a darling little visit from my least favourite mate cystitis.

3) Some clever futuristic machine that could erase all memory of The West Wing and Broadchurch series 1 from my mind so I could watch them both again with new eyes. If you have never seen either of these shows you have no idea how lucky you are and you need to take time off and get on it.

4) Perfect eyesight without the need for laser eye surgery.

5) The ability to visit Roti Hut, my favourite ever restuarant that only sells roti and curry, in the Sri Lankan town Ella whenever I want. The need for good roti is real.

6) No cat allergy. I am so over being hideously allergic to cats and getting lumps on my face and crying whenever I breathe near one.

7) Some kind of cure or proper treatment for Ehlers Danlos syndrome for me and all my fellow spoonies out there.




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