5 times the internet has been good lately #7


It’s been quite hard to find much good in the past couple of weeks. The news has been doom, gloom and fear and I’ve spent much more time reading about what we can expect from THAT election next year rather than my usual random selection of articles. However, not everything is bad, I have read some nice stuff and watched lots of videos of cats staring out humans to try to keep the balance at bit. These are the links I think are worth clicking if you find yourself with a spare half hour and a cup of tea, or a cocktail in a cup clearly meant for tea (it is winter, we need to treat ourselves):

1) The Obama years, through the eyes of the White House photographer – The Atlantic

So I know this is election related, but I am such a massive Obama fan, and I really love these photos.

2) You can fall in friendship at first site – The Pool

I have a couple of friends who I knew I needed in my life pretty much the first time I met them, so I kind of believe this. I’ve never ever been a believer of ‘love at first sight’ because I find soppy thing horrible, but this is different.

3) Why you should buy from independent brands this Christmas – The Little Plum

I wholeheartedly support this. As someone who has recently been swallowed up by sites like Etsy, I can see a lot more value in shopping this way, avoiding chains and finding gifts for people they aren’t going to get from anyone else. It’s also nice to support people who are out trying hard to make a name for themselves.

4) 15 things that happened the year the first Harry Potter film was released – The Radio Times

It makes me feel almost uncomfortable that 15 years have passed since Philosopher’s Stone hit the cinema, but it’s true. We are all getting older every day. Happy Friday.

5) Scrotal recall, now called ‘Love Sick’, is coming back – Digital Spy

So this isn’t the usual kind of thing I stick in these lists, but this made me happy. I loved this show. I think I  watched it for the first time in bed when I couldn’t be bothered to change the channel or something, and I massively got into it. If you haven’t seen the first series, give it a go if you can find it. Series one was called  Scrotal Recall (lol) but it’s back soon on Netflix as Love Sick soon.

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