The Big Pink home fundraiser, checking your boobs and cake

A couple of weeks ago we had about 25 people descend on our kitchen for tea, coffee and more cake than I think I’ve ever seen in one afternoon. While I don’t see that there needs to be an excuse to drink hot drinks and eat carrot cake, this little tea session was all in favour of boobs. To be more exact- it was for Breast Cancer Care.

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago and due to her being young (still in her early forties at the time) and incredibly fit and healthy, it was a complete shock to our systems and a terrible time. It still is a shock really, but she’s a lucky survivor and recently had her two year mammogram, which came back clear.

We’ve always been into fundraising in my household, and already did a fair bit for charity and Cancer Research before this happened, so this year we wanted to give a little something back to a breast cancer charity following my mum’s treatment, so my sister signed us up to host one of their Big Pink events. If you fancy turning your hand to some home fundraising I really recommend this. BCC sent us a pack with a few ideas and resources to use including stickers, games and money collection boxes.

We made some games, including pin the nipple on the boob obviously, and put together a raffle. We also made pick & mix, put up bunting, and bought lots of pink treats in a mad dash round the Tesco confectionary aisle- nothing too arduous, and nothing too stressful. In the end, in return for a really nice day, sugar rushes all round and many rounds of boiling the kettle, we made almost £300. Really not too shabby for a day in the kitchen, and it was FUN! There are tons of home fundraisers like this that you can sign up to, and I will 100% be up for another one. It really does feel good to do good.

And also, more importantly than anything, CHECK YOUR BOOBS. I know so many people that don’t do this, and after the past two years, I can’t see any reason not to. It takes minutes, you can do it in the shower during the time you usually stare into space or think about if you’ve already washed your hair or not. Knowing your own boobs could save your life, so start bonding with them. Tell your family to do it, tell your friends to do it, tell your colleagues and your neighbours. Here’s a handy little guide of how to effectively cop a feel.

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