10 sources of happiness at age 26 and a half

The past few weeks have been stressful, busy and really long. When I say really long, obviously I mean they’ve gone ridiculously fast and here we are staring down the barrel of 2017 and more importantly, CHRISTMAS AGAIN! I’m just saying they’ve been long because it fits with my current ‘life is hard’ mantra. 

How it’s time to start wheeling out mince pies and making plans with every friendship group you have to go ice skating, I’ll never ever know, but this year it’s welcome. I need festive fun and lighthearted gingerbread snowmen and twinkly lights and all that other jazz. The lead up to Christmas is full of stuff that remind me of childhood happiness, which leads me onto happiness now. 

Happiness. Happiness when you’re aged 26 and a half like me, or you know, a few years either side of that. The past weekend has been a chance to breathe and do stuff that oozes happiness- mostly edible, but still, and I’ve realised how much happiness has changed for me. These days, these are the things that make me feel fuzzy or say YAY out loud: 

1) A really well baked cake. Like, a cake you can try while it’s baker eagerly looks on and comment on how moist it is and how perfect the filling is and ask what the recipe is even though you know it’s blatantly BBC Good Food. 

2) Rain. A day where it rains like the world is ending (let’s say Sunday) so you have the perfect, damp excuse to just stay indoors and not do the washing you had planned and not move much and feel actually rested. 

3) Waking up in a house that was cleaned the day before. I never thought I would be this person. I never thought the faint smell of bleach and clean bedding and lemony stuff would make me feel content BUT IT DOES. 

4) Waking up after 8am. Every week that passes sees my ability to sleep in diminish slightly further, even more so with a hangover. 

5) Quiet public transport. Yes, this is essentially a list of what’s most boring but isn’t it true? Isn’t people not shouting, not having loud phone calls with their cousin, not cackling and not arguing on your train carriage the greatest thing? 

6) Caffetiere smell. Needs no further explanation.

7) Those amazing ‘dine in for two’ meals that M&S started and now most supermarkets have copied that sometimes come with wine and can definitely be a dine in experience for one when the hunger is real. 

8) A really well ordered and empty inbox. 

9) Jeans that fit. I never really appreciated well-fitted jeans until this year when I discovered well-fitted jeans. There’s no going back to jeans that bunch up at the knee or slide down your bum. 

10) A clear, sunny view of my home city. 

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