3 simple things that mean much more as time goes by

I’m not trying be really wise before my time at 26 years old, I swear. These are just things I’ve noticed more and more, especially during the last year or so. Time still surprises me every day by how bloody fast it’s going, but it also surprises me how much change happens almost in secret. I can’t decide if I suddenly like realising how much life has shifted or if a bit of notice or realisation would be nice. Anyway, rambling aside- these three things, stuff I used to either not think about much or just never really realised, have changed a lot in my mind as I continue to rattle through my 20s.

1) Comfort food has taken on a whole new meaning 

Comfort used to be eating crisps and dip in bed when I was tired, hungover, feeling left out with friends or losing the hormone battle. It can still be those things, but now it’s mostly there for times when I feel like the entire world is trying to shut down my efforts to claw together a successful life. Bad day at work, messing up on something big, not hitting personal targets, realising finances aren’t what they should be, getting to grips with mortgages, bills, life savings and pensions. The list goes on. It gets a bigger, scarier and more serious list as time goes on.  Now comfort food is coming home after a long and exhausting day and sitting down for a little while to eat something you love without considering calories or how many spin classes are needed to burn it off and cutting yourself some slack. It’s something that can reset a terrible week. It’s so much more of a comfort now the stakes are higher. This might sound dramatic and I know a bowl of cheesy pasta doesn’t have healing powers, but food is a big deal. 

2) Productivity equals contentment 

I’ve never been lazy. I would say I’m quite the opposite in fact, which is why I used to consider any opportunity to lay around or sleep in as a massive treat. These days though, despite feeling tired most of the time, I can’t find much contentment from lazy days. It’s still a treat but I feel worse off if I take full advantage. I know it’s nice to lounge around in clean bed sheets and drink tea under the duvet and all that, but I feel like I’m wasting precious time if I’m not getting stuff done. This is definitely not what I would have expected from myself five years ago but it’s getting more and more true. Getting up early on a weekend and doing chores or being out by 9am makes me happy. Remind me of this when I have kids. 

3) Health is wealth 

It’s been especially prominent the past two years in my life, but I want everyone around me to be healthy. I want to be healthy. I want to be well and ready to get up each day and work hard and do well and I want that for everyone I care about. The worry and strain that the health of others can have on us is immense. I feel like health is wealth and it definitely helps with overall happiness too. I’m trying to hard to work on my own health, but I wish I could work on other people too. 

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