5 times the internet has been good lately #6


If you need stuff to read on the train, can’t sleep, or want a good excuse to lay in bed longer, these links have got you covered. I usually dislike it when you get told to ‘grab a cuppa’ before reading something, because seriously, I would grabbing cuppas all day long if I listened to that instruction every time it came up on Twitter, but something nice and warm would go well with the Autumn photos link. Just saying.

The untold story of Roald Dhal’s Marvellous Medicine- BMJ Blogs

As a life-long Roald Dhal fan, I loved reading this. The story of a doctor who cared for the author at the end of his life has blogged about their late night chats and how Dhal got involved with medicine in real life not just in writing.

My Parisian bucket list- Sophie Cliff

This has so many good tips in the comments and I’ve been thinking lately about giving Paris another try. I went a couple of years ago and I don’t feel like I got the best out of it. I also desperately want to go to Disneyland. Sophie’s travel posts are always high on my reading list.

What’s it like to be a woman in 2016?- Daisy Buchanon 

In honour of Woman’s Hour celebrating it’s 70th birthday, one of my fave writers (who I had a chat with over Twitter about X Factor on Sunday, gotta love the internet) wrote about life with a vagina in 2016 and it’s well worth a read.

48 photos of autumn around the world- Gizmodo

So this isn’t a new article, I just found it when I was reading some other stuff about ‘autumn tourism’ which is exactly what it sounds like, and stumbled upon this. I want to do lots of autumn tourism. Right now.

National Curry Week: Punjabi Kadhi- Standard Issue

I can’t make it through National Curry week without eating curry, and this is top of my recipe list. I’ve never heard of this before and I am always up for new curry, or anything covered in coriander and chopped green chillis.



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