Two years of blogging: stats, lessons and gains


I didn’t actually realise WordPress told you about your blog anniversary and I clearly missed the year one announcement, because the little notification I got this week was a surprise. Two whole years of writing stuff on here and flinging it about on social media to see if it sticks/anyone reads it. I feel like I should be putting a party hat on my laptop and eating cake with it, but that’s just weird.

At first, I don’t think many people did read my blog and when I first activated this little page, I didn’t expect anyone to. I had another blog I’d been writing solely about a very niche topic, which had become popular in the appropriate community, was used by a couple of small charities and worked well for what it was. It felt weird to suddenly decide to write about anything, in my own name, and try and get strangers to read it and be interested by it. I wasn’t sure I would keep it up, but here we are, two years later, with actual subscribers and comments and followers. It still amazes me slightly.

I’m thankful that I spent a lazy, rainy Sunday two years ago setting this up, because if nothing else, it’s taught me a lot of very useful skills. Skills that have contributed to me getting a new job, made me much more tech savvy, spurred me on to get better at photography and given me a hobby that I really enjoy. I’m not sure how many more years I’ll keep going, and I don’t have a sparkly, organised plan of what I want to do next (maybe I should, I probably should) but for now here’s two years worth of lessons, numbers and reasons to give this is a go if you’ve been feeling tempted.

I’ve learnt:

  • How to work with HTML
  • How to use an SLR camera
  • How to connect with PRs
  • The importance of online communities
  • How to steadily grow a social media account with targeted content
  • How to better judge ideas and when to take risks
  • Better knowledge of blogging, digital marketing, outreach and how to interpret audiences

I’ve gained:

  • The experience of going to events and seeing the sort of stuff brands do behind the scenes, or behind the shelves, if you like
  • Feeling more confident in my writing skills
  • A whole load of new contacts and blogging friends who are empowering, talented and provide me with endless reading material
  • A place to vent about stuff, share stuff I like and generally splurge my feelings
  • A bigger connection with people who have the same health issues as me and a much better grasp on how to cope with those issues.
  • Confidence in putting myself out there

The numbers– I used to find it weird when people shared their stats on blogs because I was always scared of how inadequate mine would look, but I’ve since let that go. I’m still proud that people come by every day to read this blog, even when it’s lacking new content or I’ve been to busy to update. So here we go- this is where I’m at

  • I got my 430th email subscriber today
  • My current daily average has just risen to a steady average of 565 a day, sometimes more, sometimes slightly less
  • My highest ever hits day was last week with 702 page views
  • My stats, despite less content, have doubled this year
  • 7,701 page views occurred last month

There are certain posts and topics that carry my blog into the higher numbers I’ve been seeing lately. There are certain posts which consistently give me views, clicks and show up in my search data, which is obviously great, and this has given me a good idea of what works, what people want to read and what I should focus on going forward. It also reminds me that’s fine to write about whatever you want, because ultimately, a personal blog is a personal blog, despite how nice it feels to see lots of visitors and link clicks on a new post.

This is probably quite a boring blog birthday post. I don’t have anything spectacular to give away or a long gushing post about how much I love the blogging community and all that I’ve gained in the past two years (I do feel it I promise) but I like these little snippets into the workings of blogs. I’m trying to get back a bit of time balance to be able to post more frequently at the moment, because work and other health and fitness commitments have kept me very busy lately, but we’ll see.

If you are one of the people who regularly visit to read this blog, thank you VERY MUCH, it’s so, so appreciated.

12 thoughts on “Two years of blogging: stats, lessons and gains

  1. I’m almost a little disappointed in your for not having a birthday party with your laptop but YAY for two freakin’ years. I’ve been subscribed via email for bloody ages and you lighten up my inbox every time. Big loves xxx


  2. Happy blog birthday! Definitely not a boring post! It takes a lot of determination and self-motivation to keep your blog running for this long and to still love it as much as you do is something I admire so much! I hope it continues to be your magical space for years to come and congrats to all the success and knowledge you gained from it!!


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