5 times the Internet has been good lately #5 

I’ve been bad at actually posting anything lately because time is beating me. It wins every battle because it’s too fast. I can’t believe it’s mid-September. I can still even barely believe it’s 2016 actually, so I’m doing well. I’ve also been tucked away every spare hour I’ve had working on a writing project that’s new and is exciting but will probably take over my life soon, so there’s my excuses for being a bad blog owner. Although bizarrely my page views are at an all-time high, so basically posting less appears to be working for me. Go figure.

I have still been reading though, and thanks to a lot more time on trains than usual over the past ten days, I’ve got through a fair bit of Internet. These are my faves and I recommend reading them if you have some spare time or want something to do in that time you spend laying in your towel contemplating life after a shower (not just me, I’m certain).

Saturday morning pictures- Standard Issue 

This is more looking than reading, but I love this feature from Standard Issue. This week it’s full of retro advertising photos and I like them a lot. Some are weird, some are really weird, but it’s a good little browse.

London rental opportunity of the week- what happened in this dread house? – Vice

This was some nice light relief in my current search for a home and constant distress that houses in Notting Hill can go for 5mil and I’ll never live there. Also it’s written by my favourite Vicer Joel Golby. I don’t know what went down in this house and absolutely don’t want to know, but it made the house I recently saw with wrought iron fencing indoors seem like a dream come true.

Harry Potter horcrux theory- Radio Times

Another HP theory, I know I know. I don’t want to read them anymore either but I started reading this and then remembered that I’ll always read them because HP lit up my childhood and ignited my lasting love for literature that will span my life. Too strong?

What it feels like to die- The Atlantic

This isn’t as morbid as it sounds don’t worry. It’s actually really interesting and is about scientists work to understand what happens to our bodies before we die, and what near-death experiences report it to be like.

The real royal wedding- Radio Times

I watched a bit of Victoria on Sunday evening, and I really want to go back and watch it all, but during a scene on wedding talk it made me randomly look up what Vic and Albert’s wedding was actually like, just out of interest. Not my usual kind of thing but it has a bit of ‘white wedding’ tradition trivia in it, if you like that sort of stuff.

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