5 documentaries you shouldn’t miss on Netflix


It’s the weekend (or if you’re reading this and it isn’t the weekend, it will be again soon), so that means only one thing really- documentaries. One of my favourite things to come out of planet earth and another reason to be grateful to Netflix. I love them. The weirder, more obscure and more shocking the better too.

I used to watch a lot of docs on YouTube back in my former life as a student with terrible internet and a laptop constantly on the verge of death, but things have gotten much easier since. I’m becoming more and more aware of how much Netflix has changed my home habits- I watch way more ‘TV’ now, but also way more documentaries, so I’m putting it down as a win.

Here are some you should check out that are currently available on UK Netflix:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I watched this on the tiny screen of my phone but it deserves more- such a good film. It’s an hour and a half long, so settle in for a good stretch, even though it won’t feel like it. This follows two men who’s bodies have been ravaged by illness and been obese, so are in a bad way. The film follows them through a quest to essentially turn things around and claim back their health. It’s full of the usual ups and downs of a life journey and one of the better extreme health documentaries you’ll see.


This a weird documentary. It’s not even one that I would say is good particularly but there’s something about the people involved that’s fascinating. I didn’t think I’d watch past ten minutes but I got glued to it. It’s about pimps and prostitutes and human trafficking. There’s a Denver police chief, a delusional pimp who dresses like Snoop Dogg and has an appalling attitude to women and life in general, and then there’s the women who have taken part to give an idea of life on the inside. It’s interesting, and horrifying obviously, and gives a rather strange look into the world of busting a pimp and pulling women out of prostitution. It also shocked me how easily women can get trapped into a life of selling sex, nothing like I imagined- worth a watch.

Trophy Kids

One of those things that seems so unrealistic it almost appears fake. I can’t comprehend a childhood like the ones these kids have. THE PRESSURE.

Planet Earth

The complete collection of glorious Attenborough flitting around jungles and frozen tundras talking about animals and incredible nature is all on Netflix. I remember spending summer of 2006 watching these and crying over polar bears. Jungles is my favourite for animals and Ocean Deep is my favourite for “is this really real though?”

The Pyramid Code

Are the pyramids much older than we think? Did the Ancient Egyptians know much more about science than we do now? WATCH AND FIND OUT. Prepare yourself for conspiracy theories, shaky camera work and some serious eyebrow raising. I love documentaries like this- wholly unpolished but so enthusiastic.

My friend literally left the pub early once because she wanted to go home and watch more of this. If you like history, this is a must see. Some of it is pretty far out, but that makes me like it more. You’ll also learn some crazy facts about pyramids. Ancient Egypt is fascinating to the point it creeps me out, and this just backs up that feeling. Some of the shots remind me of a retro video game, which adds to its air of geekiness in a really good way. I also find the narrators voice oddly soothing.

Seriously though, how did they build the pyramids? How?

Image is Pixabay

4 thoughts on “5 documentaries you shouldn’t miss on Netflix

  1. I’ve always been intrigued by the Pyramids, and Tricked sounds good – I love learning about sex trafficking because I find it shocking, and it reminds me how much is hidden from mainstream media and news and how corrupt the world is – in a weird way I find that knowing this helps keep me grounded!

    Great recommendations – I deffo need to start watching more documentaries on Netlflix, I only use it for films and TV series (which I binge watch in one sitting, haha!)

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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