Larnaca, Cyprus – The sunshine island

 If you want guaranteed sunshine and don’t mind baking in heat then Cyprus is as good a location as you’ll get in the summer. The risk of rain is practically nil, as is a cloudy day. I’ve been here five times during my adult life due to family ties so I know it pretty well and the climate is a dream.

The flight is longer than your average European holiday from the UK, taking about 4 and half hours from London, but it’s worth it. It’s known as the sunshine island, and that’s exactly what it is. 

My favourite things about it and reasons I’d give anyone to visit are: 

The glorious weather 

The cheese (it is after all the birth place of halloumi) 

The coffee, especially iced Cyprus coffee 

The crystal clear seas

The fact you can drive into mountains and beautiful hills within an hour from just about every town or city

The Greek fusion cuisine

The national parks 

The villages nestled into the hills and mountains

The really, really good beer- Leon especially 

The fact it stays hot until well into October or even November

If you’re looking to book a last minute break to bask in sunshine then I can’t recommend Cyprus enough. The food is good, it’s cheap generally once you’re here, the roads are good to drive and travel around and even though the evenings might grow cooler you can come here in winter and still have bright blue skies and warm days. 

Airlines such as Norweigan Air and Cyprus Airways will bring you here cheaply, and there’s also classic EasyJet. If you’re looking for beach resorts try hotels in Mackenzy Beach Larnaca, Fig Tree Bay or Protaras. Happy holiday hunting people. I’m off to soak up more Cypriot rays. 

5 thoughts on “Larnaca, Cyprus – The sunshine island

  1. Looks amazing Lauren – in fact combined with the fact I haven’t had a summer holiday this year, means you’ve already spurred me into looking up flights & accommodation – would you recommend one part of the island over the other? What’s quieter & nature focussed vs. livelier & good for food/drink?

    Hope you’ve had a lovely break!


    • Ahhh amazing! How are the flights looking? For nature and beauty I recommend staying somewhere near cape Greco so you can travel out to the national parks and easily drive to the northern border. Paphos is lovely with the best beaches. Larnaca is quite lively- good if you like beach bars and lots of food selection. We usually eat in traditional tavernas here which you’ll find everywhere. If you aren’t bothered about the sea then maybe try the mountains! We’re headed to Troodos mountains today 🙂 x


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  3. Pingback: Sun, sea, mountains and food-photos from Cyprus | Lauren Rellis

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