I’d like to thank my passport for…

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky to be able to do a lot of traveling. As soon as I finished university I started getting itchy feet to go and see new things but a combination of bad health and falling quickly into a job kept me on solid ground for a while.

Once I was a bit further up the career ladder (in a proper job where I had my own email address and actual colleagues, shall we say), I started getting some good use out of my passport. I had a temporary job for quite a while at one point, and while I was always slightly scared it would end at any given time, the freedom it gave me was perfect. These days I play the ‘use your annual leave really carefully’ game to get the most of travel time, but I’m not complaining. I like my work/life balance just fine and I’ve had some really amazing experiences in places far and 

I bloody love my passport. 

I have really adventurous friends so I’m lucky to always have someone who wants to come along, be it for a weekend or a few weeks to explore somewhere new.

There have too many memorable travel moments to fit into a ramble like this, but I am truly thankful for my passport- and here’s a few reasons why:

Sri Lankan sunsets and mountain climbing with some of my favourite people while managing to completely escape Western life for a couple of weeks.


The chance to visit family members who have carved out lives in places that look like this:


A chance to regroup away from too many similar things after a really hard time, just two hours away by plane.


Making me appreciate how much greater nature is than we ever could be.


Making me more and more curious about people I’ve never met and things I’ve never seen.


Allowing me to go to places that make me feel like I’ve always belonged.


Sending a serious reality check to remind me that phones and technology and social media are so inferior to feeling properly happy.



6 thoughts on “I’d like to thank my passport for…

  1. It looks beautiful, I’ll need to put it on “my list” – I’m just a short hop away from Ireland, in Scotland , so I should really go and see the sights. Thanks!


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