The little things that make friendships


Yesterday was apparently National Friendship Day. I realised this upon scrolling through Facebook and seeing several memes of cute animals snuggling together with captions like ‘Tag a friend who makes you this happy!’

I can’t say I did anything to commemorate Friendship Day. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Though on Saturday, I saw a lot of my friends, and saw a couple of friends who I’ve not seen in a really long time, all gathered for a triple birthday celebration, made all the more sweet by the appearance of summer again. You know you’ve found a friend for life when you haven’t seen them for more than a day in almost two years, but within five minutes it feels like less than a week since you sat drinking and talking about work and life and the London housing crisis. I’m lucky to have good friends. I’m lucky to have friends who I don’t have the time or the geographical workings to see often, but who I still feel completely with ease even after a long absence.

I feel since grappling with my early twenties and then falling into my mid-twenties, that friends are more important than ever. Adulting is hard, no matter how smooth or seamless the process might seem in other people, I don’t believe anyone has a totally easy time of it. My friends have made the whole ‘growing up’ thing a lot easier and they’ve helped bathe the many disasters and mishaps in good humour. We laugh about everything and it’s helpful. It’s so helpful. I’m thankful for it beyond measure and what better day to celebrate them than, erm, the day after National Friendship Day.

Cheers to my friends for all of the below-really small things that still make me smile and probably always will

1) The friend who thought wolves were mythical.

2) The friend who thought sheep lived on a diet of grass and wild field mice.

3) The friend who wildly ran over London Bridge at 2am, then made their way home in a James Bond manner after many beers, because he thought the helicopter passing by was solely pursuing him on his way home to sleepy Southfields.

4) The friend who called Phil Collins ‘Phil and Collins’.

5) The friend who I ate a cheeseburger from a vending machine with, and who still reminds me about it every so often, even after several years.

6) The friend who took me on a wild night out in Bangkok and introduced me to Alabama Slammers.

7) The friend who once took over two hours to do a ten minute walk home from a pub because she stopped to save a baby hedgehog separated from its mum.

8) The friend who wore a cape and brought a wand to the cinema in third year of uni when we went to see Deathly Hallows Part 2.

9) The time I was on holiday with nine friends and we managed to lock ourselves outside on one balcony, and had to trade some peach schnapps with some Spanish teenagers to make them alert someone to our situation.

10) The friend who cried at a pharmacist in Spain after being stung by a jellyfish, and was so upset they thought she had been assaulted and referred her to the police.

One thought on “The little things that make friendships

  1. I love this post. I love that your friends sound insane but it’s those stories that will stay with you forever. Number 8 in particular sounds like my kind of person.


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