5 times the internet has been good lately

I’ve been filling the time I usually spend running or at gym classes laying and browsing my phone for stuff to read this week- and drinking too much caffeine. I hurt my hip so I’ve been indoors a lot more than usual, and reading a lot more than usual. These are links some of my favourite reads.


1) I’m really flexible and it’s not sexy

This is from Sarah’s blog, which is a regular read of mine and I particularly love this post as it talks about the struggle with having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome- which I have too. I’m also extremely flexible, but as Sarah explains really well, it’s not sexy!

2) I attended a Harry Potter cyber school

This is a slightly odd little read in some ways, but I like it because it goes to show just how much Harry Potter took the world by storm. It was a massive part of my childhood and is still part of my life now (I went to the plays last month) so I sort of wish I knew you could do this when I was kid. Also kudos to the 11 year old who built Hogwarts entirely online.

3) Why Paulette is the most important character in Legally Blonde

The anniversary of the film reminded me how much I love it so I’ve enjoyed seeing lots of stuff written about one of my childhood obsessions. ( I really wanted to go to Harvard after I watched this film. Funnily enough that didn’t work out.)

4) The Yorkshire Dales and The Lake District

Just in case you needed a little reminder of how beautiful England really is- The Guardian asked for people to send in photos and they’re bloody beautiful.

5) Three days in Budapest

This is from While I’m Young and Skinny- one of my favourite travel sites. All of the round ups and itineraries that Danielle puts together are brilliant. This is top of my city break list and if you’re heading to Budapest I recommend this.

One thought on “5 times the internet has been good lately

  1. Ooo budapest is a fab city break destination – if you go – I’d highly recommend checking the availability of the Art Hotel – it’s a fab hotel, good location and great value ( I know you are saving!)


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