Fitness overhaul- How much do you really want to change?


 Two weeks ago I was more determined than ever that my latest attempt at overhauling my health and fitness was going to last. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck to a serious exercise regime. It’s the fittest I’ve ever felt. It’s also the longest my various health problems have gone into some sort of remission,  which has let me get to this point. 

It’s just amazing how quickly it can feel like it’s slipping away. I see so many public announcements of lifestyle changes. Declarations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in blogs from people who swear that this time, it’s going to last. They’re going to succeed. This time it’s for real and by posting it online it makes it official. Often though it doesn’t last, the attemp fails and the cycle is repeated few months later. I’ve been that person so many times. 

For the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to stick to my preferred exercise/diet regime because I hurt my hip and I’ve been much busier than usual. I’ve still been able to fit some quick exercise in but it’s not been at the pace of the past five months. It’s made me so behind, so fast. 

It’s only two weeks. Two weeks doesn’t sound that long when you’re looking at the bigger picture, but this is where I fail. In fact, this is where we fail. We fall down because it’s hard to bounce back when you have a little break right?Motivation starts to wane and all the inspiration you felt just days before isn’t there anymore. It’s amazing (and bloody annoying) how quick and easy it is to slip into old habits.

The last two weeks have brought it home to me how much you need to want to change. You can’t want it a little bit. You can’t want it in waves. You have to want it to the point where there’s no alternative. I thought I’d always wanted it enough but clearly I haven’t, because I’ve never succeeded long term and now that bugs the life out of me. Why can’t I just do it? 

This irritation at myself has been stronger than ever and it’s driven me to this current attemp at reaching my goals.

I want to be physically fit- like really fit. I want it for the good of my weak body, my joints that struggle badly for my age and I want it to feel and look good. There’s no point denying the body image part- I want a flat muscly stomach, toned legs and arms and I want to feel really well and strong. I’ve wanted all of this for a long time but all the years of yearning and faddy attempts haven’t amounted to a real changes until now. 

I haven’t totally turned my life around and I’m vets inky not sporting a six pack, but I’ve never lasted this long or made this much progress- hence the frustration at feeling like I’ve taken a step back. 

I’m not going to let the past two weeks lead me down the road to failure. I refuse to lose the progress running my first 10k has made. I can’t deal with starting again, after more than five months of trying so hard, sweating so much, sacrificing so much time and overcoming many mental blocks and health barriers. 

I want this change to last. I want it to stay and to improve my life and give me the satisfaction that I’ve finally done it. It’s just taken so long to realise how much you’ve really got to want a lifestyle change to make it come about. 

Any inspiration to get me through the rest of this wobble and to keep me motivated is welcome. As are puppies, if you can arrange it. 

10 thoughts on “Fitness overhaul- How much do you really want to change?

  1. It’s peaks and troughs, it won’t always be smooth sailing and whilst it can knock you back a little bit, look how far you have come from the beginning and never forget where you once were. What you’ve done is incredible. (And you still need to get some new trainers). xxx


  2. Keep going Lauren, you’re doing an excellent job! It’s easy to just see the things we stopped doing or the times we’ve ‘failed’, rather than looking at where we started from and what we’ve gained since. I feel like you’re post can apply to so many other things other than a fitness regime – starting a new course, getting over a relationship, moving away etc. With any of these things, we can fall back into bad habits, but the test is that you pick yourself back up again.

    Thanks for writing a really honest post, but remember – you’re doing a great job and inspiring people along the way!



  3. I am not a natural exerciser, though this year I’ve done so much better than usual… until July that is! The end of June was so busy at work, and the stifling heat mix, just stopped me wanting to go to the gym. Then Ive had a flare up of a wrist problem I have for about 3 weeks, and I ain’t been to the gym at all, after a full 6 months of religiously going to the same couple of classes!
    However, as daft as it sounds, I’m treating August as a fresh spread, and just trying to pick up again, and not give myself a hard time!
    ps. if you want to read about our natural habit making tendancies etc, I cannot recommedn enough Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin (awesome book, that makes you realise how best to approach YOU for what you want!)


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  5. With all the motivation I am reading in this post, I’d say you are definitely on the right track!

    For me, fitness has to be fun. So I choose to ride my bike, I also combine my morning bike ride with my husband and we cycle to his work and then I cycle home. I enjoy it because it gives us a chance to chat together and I’m getting some exercise in too. Then I come how and I’m motivated with a little workout in the house. For me, that’s just what I need to have fun.

    It takes a while to work out what you enjoy and I believe you should enjoy getting fit and being healthy, I mean, why not enjoy it.

    You’ve got this! You can do and you’ll be proud of yourself for it in the end 🙂

    ~ K


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