Why Ireland must be on your travel list


Last year I went away in September to do something that’s been on my travel list for years- the west coast of Ireland or The Wild Atlantic Way, as you might have heard it called. I wanted to go partly because of the beautiful scenery and also because I have Irish family. My grandparents are Irish and I wanted to go and spend some time there, especially since my grandad passed away, to get a feel for their lives. I actually went back to the tiny village my nan was born in, tucked away in Country Clare- where the post office and church have been exactly the same since when she was a child 75 years ago.

It was really nice to go and experience all the things they’d both told us about over the years- mostly the wildlife, the coastal scenery and the many pubs. It turned out to be much more beautiful than I imagined. It was actually quite spellbinding, like walking around in a fairy tale. We didn’t have a week of sunshine which was no surprise given Ireland is famed for its wet weather, but it didn’t matter. You don’t need blue skies to appreciate the beauty.

Ireland has a charm like no other place I’ve ever been. I can’t describe it any  way other than gentle. The villages we stumbled upon while driving through Clare, with their colourful thatched roof cottages and gardens full of flowers almost didn’t look real.

We basically spent the week driving around, stopping off at beaches, cliffs, walking through country lanes, drinking tea and eating cake and of course sampling Guinness and wathcing Hurling. We visited Dublin, Clare and Galway. It’s one of the most laid back trips I’ve ever been on. If you need to rejuvenate I couldn’t recommend it more.

We also paid such a reasonable price for such a nice holiday, using both small b&bs, Airbnb and hiring a car in Dublin. My boyfriend’s Ireland photography does a good job at explaining through pictures why you need to go, but here’s some more proof:


8 thoughts on “Why Ireland must be on your travel list

  1. Ireland has been high on my travel list for the last few months. I’ve really only seen pictures of the coast (which is still stunning, of course!) but it was nice to see pictures of what the little towns look like. I’ll have to check out your BF’s pics after work!


  2. I love it! I, too, am working on chronicling our week in Ireland over on jubilantjennifer.com! Unlike you, I’m having a hard time narrowing down my pictures, because every one brings back a beautiful memory. Haha! Still trying to figure out how I can get a job and move there…. hmm…


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