8 readjusted adult life goals


Remember being a teenager and thinking that you would have nailed life by age 24? When you’re sixteen your twenties feel a million years away. Back then it was totally reasonable to think you’d probably have bought a house, be engaged, have a nice little job that involved regular long lunches and post-work cocktails, maybe you’d even have a kid and some sort of small fluffy dog to walk at weekends.

Well, how completely hilarious. Can you even imagine having life sorted in your early twenties? If you do, you’re amazing and you go Glenn Coco. I’ve bypassed my early twenties now and I’m still trying to scrape some sort of passable life plan together and I’m pretty thankful for it. I’ve enjoyed my haphazard early adult years so far with all the learning curves, house sharing, adventure having and career carving. My life goals when I was a teenager in sixth form, where main activities involved spending my weekend job wages in Pilot and on phone credit were to have a house in a little village, a job as a novelist and a husband and probably a child. I’m not sure how I planned to fit all this in or where I would have got the inspiration for my bestselling novel, but whatever.

These are readjusted, actual real adult goals for the next year

1) Finish this year with more furniture than just a bed, two bedside tables, a lamp and a mirror. With moving looming in the not-so distant future and no more ‘comes furnished’ promises, I should probably at least buy a chair to sit on.

2) Insure everything I own. Ultimate adulting, but it’s obviously important.

3) Learn how to paint walls properly. My past attempts at painting with friends have always mostly been okay, if you stand quite far away and don’t shine any natural light on the walls. I don’t want to have to pay other people to do my DIY forever and you can bet your last penny there’s a YouTube tutorial on it.

4) Start foreign language lessons. I’ve been meaning to do this for about, erm, eight years. Safe to say procrastination doesn’t even cover it. I hate how lazy travel makes me feel when it comes to languages. My sister used Beyonce songs in Spanish to help her conquer a language, so it can’t be all bad.

5) Tick Budapest off my travel list. I’ve wanted to go for so long and I always sideline it for other places for some reason. Once we’ve got through the trials and tribulations of moving and mortgaging, I’m treating myself to this.

6) Get on top of my health. As someone with more complex health needs than your average human, I need to get a proper handle on all the symptoms, tests, routine visits and check-ups I need once and for all.

7) Keep up my fitness levels. I’ve worked hard to be the fittest I’ve ever been right now. It’s helping my mental and physical health and I don’t want to let it slip away through laziness or bad time management.

8) Polish my photography skills. I have a photographer boyfriend and an expensive, flashy camera at home so I have no excuse. This is also sometime I see more and more in job specs for future roles I’d like to take on, so it’s about career development as well as an impressive Instagram.

3 thoughts on “8 readjusted adult life goals

  1. I still remember being a teenager and my life plan was fall in love at uni, married by 22/23, kids around 25, and throw in a house somewhere along the line. Deluded, absolutely deluded. My adult goals include eating vegetables more frequently, being more active than I currently am and crawling out of my overdraft. YOLO life all over here.


  2. I love this post Lauren! I know how you feel about the insurance thing – I have got away without doing this for so long but it’s nice to have the security now (that may be the most adult thing I’ve ever written?!). With you on Budapest too, I’d love to visit! x
    Sophie Cliff


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