5 perfect lazy Sunday reads


I spent Thursday evening this week having a mammoth catch up of what I just call ‘internet reading’- mostly stuff I find through Twitter and of course my favourite blogs. The sudden arrival of actual, real summer meant I had some much needed separation from staring at my phone this week, so I haven’t read anywhere near as much as usual, but here are a few gems to occupy your Sunday:

When did the media turn against Taylor Swift? This is such an interesting read from Vulture. Hate or love Taylor Swift, her relationship with the media and the way she has suddenly come under fire and faced criticism amid the whole Kimye thing is compelling stuff. I hadn’t ever thought or read much into the history of her career and her life in the spotlight but this outlines it all. This is the longest read in this pick, so settle in.

Hello Giggles posted about why baby bumps don’t just disappear after giving birth and while this isn’t one my usual reading topics, I clicked immediately. I’ve obviously always known this is the case that we don’t snap back into shape, but it’s an interesting little read. You never see much about the science behind the baby bump- we usually just get hounded by photos of celebs who have lost it miraculously fast. A short, snappy and scientific little read.

Jane’s Patisserie is a blog that will make you hungry. Like, the kind of hungry where you just stand in front of open cupboards shovelling in anything and feeling sad that you don’t have anything made by her. This recipe of Terry’s chocolate orange brownies looks insanely good.

Standard Issue is one of my favourite websites and my favourite read from there lately, is this on one of my childhood true loves- The Famous Five. It talks about the irresponsible parenting in the books and is guaranteed to make you smile if you read the series as a youngster.

Oslo has been on my travel list forever and I caught up on reading Queen Beady and found a really good piece all about what to do, eat and where to go on a trip there. My need to go is now about 100 times stronger, so beware if you are inclined to get strong wanderlust.

5 thoughts on “5 perfect lazy Sunday reads

  1. I love flicking through random articles on the internet, but it can get so time consuming looking for ones that grab you’re interest, so I’m really glad you posted this!

    I’m moving to Oslo in January to study there for 6 months, and I’m reading anything about it I can get my hands on, so I can’t wait to check out this guide!

    Really enjoying your blog, so varied!

    Honor xxx | studentviewoflondon.blogspot.com


    • Aww thanks! That sounds amazing!! I am so jealous. I love Scandinavia but I haven’t made it to Oslo yet. It’s on my list for sure, hope you’ll be posting lots about it! xx


  2. Great list. I remember when I was younger when I first found out about pregnancy bumps not just disappearing. I was genuinely shocked (I was quite young to be fair). I thought it was literally baby out and stomach back to normal. How young and naive hehe!


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