Three products that have saved my skin this summer


I feel weirdly passionate about promoting stuff I’ve found that helps my skin. As someone who grew up plagued by bad skin, I know how it feels to have your confidence knocked by  a blemished face. I’ve never had really obvious acne or suffered with bouts of large spots, it’s always been small, lump, under-the-skin spots, that almost look like rashes and have made my face look like I’ve recently suffered an allergic reaction. I’ve also always struggled to get rid of blackheads and to this day the little buggers remain happily settled on my nose and chin.

Like most people, summer changes my skin completely. Even summers like this year which up until, well, this week, have been pretty awful and mostly a grey, rainy nightmare.  I suffer more with oily red spots and I feel like I need to scrub my skin way more than in winter, which is obviously down to sweat and all that darling pollution that London kicks up for your face to absorb. Really lush.

Since June I’ve been using three different things on my face almost continually, and this is probably the clearest skin I’ve had during hot weather for several years. This isn’t a fancy skin routine and it certainly isn’t hard to stick to.

As my skin is quite oily, I can use foaming products that would be too drying in the winter, and my favourite is La Roche Posay Effaclar cleansing gel. I’ve posted about this before, because it’s been one of my greatest ever skin finds and I love it. It’s affordable, you can get it in most bigger Boots stores and it comes in big bottles which last weeks and weeks. It also makes me feel really, really, REALLY clean.

My other go-to ‘please scrub all the sweat and dirt and woe off my face’ product is Soap and Glory’s No Clogs Allowed self-heating mask. This is really good for sensitive souls. I have skin that hates, well, most things, and has always loathed masks, but this has never caused issues. I use it in the bath usually, which probably isn’t best practice, but it still gets the job done. My skin never feels as good as it does after using this. The hear feeling can be a little strange at first, but stick with it. I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve re-purchased it five times now.

Lastly is the only other mask besides the Soap and Glory I’ve ever managed to tolerate. Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Face Mask essentially works to resurface your face and make the surface of your skin clearer and softer. If you stick with this, it makes you feel like you’ve got new skin entirely. It’s more of a splurge but worth it if you feel like you need to start again on a skin routine. I haven’t used this for a couple of weeks as it isn’t advised to use it in periods where you’re exposed to lots of sun, but apart from that it’s a total gem and I really, really recommend it.

3 thoughts on “Three products that have saved my skin this summer

  1. I went out and bought the soap and glory scrub after seeing it on your blog and omg it’s amazing, it makes such a difference! Thanks for the recommendation.


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