Why nostalgia gave me the best weekend 

If you’re like me, and you let the news get to you, you’re probably not having the greatest time ever. Me and my boyfriend were discussing our shock at not having received a BBC breaking news notification involving something tragic, scary or worrying in about 12 hours on Sunday night night. That didn’t last much longer. That’s current bedtime chat these days. Oh 2016.

Last weekend though was a welcome break from feeling disillusioned and worried and I would like to thank nostalgia. I love nostalgia. I love 90s films and quotes from the noughties and lists of stuff that we all used to obsess over in high school or games we used to fill our time with before smart phones and the internet consumed us all (I’m looking at you Dream Phone).

Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood. I started reading the books at some point in primary school and then stayed with them as they were released, then moved onto the films and basically became a full on Hogwarts obsessive. I happened to meet like-minded people at uni to talk about my love for all things Gryffindor and Snape over pineapple VKs with, so I’ve never really left HP behind.

When I saw the announcement of the Cursed Child plays I was deep in the middle of saving to move and decided I couldn’t justify the tickets, but the stars and planets and Dumbledore aligned and I ended up getting tickets from a friend who, for varying circumstances, had some spares.

That is what filled my Saturday last weekend. We saw both plays in one day and chucked in a jolly old trip to Wahaca in the middle to discuss part one, drink margaritas and catch Pokemon.

That was the other trip down memory lane, but with a futuristic twist. Bloody Pokemon Go. I can not claim in any way, shape or form to know much about Pokemon. I asked my boyfriend if Chazard and Rockaway were Pokemon names, so that sums up my knowledge. I did however have the cards as a kid and I did collect them and get really excited about the shiny ones and put them in an album. I really like this game. Despite myself and my normal disdain I just love the idea of something that makes me feel like a child again being suddenly so relevant.

I went to bed pretty happy on Saturday night. A full day of reliving the most carefree years of my life was needed, even if I didn’t know it. There’s a reason why nostalgia does so well as vital content and my contented feeling after a day of dementors, quidditch, JK Rowling fan girling and Squirtle chasing sums up why. It’s just nice to visit the stuff that made you happy once upon a time and nice to be reminded of things that continue to make you happy today.

The theatre was Crammed with people from all walks of life, different ages and from all over the world getting another slice of a story that’s enchanted so many people and it was really rather lovely. As is watching a group of suit-clad grown ups scurrying down London streets on their lunch break collecting Pokemon. It might seem stupid or immature or ridiculous to some, but nostalgia isn’t any of those things. It’s just a really good way of reclaiming a happy time and dragging it into current life.

Take that 2016. You are not all doom and gloom.


3 thoughts on “Why nostalgia gave me the best weekend 

  1. I love this post! Sometimes it’s nice to just escape into our childhoods for a while. It’s so silly to see people bashing others for playing Pokemon Go it’s just a little bit of fun which considering the horrible things that have happened this year we all deserve!

    Ella xx


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