Online sale shopping made delightfully easy


This has been the ultimate year of thrift in my life. Six months of relentless saving and bank balance checking and cutting back has not exactly been the best news for my wardrobe. Clothes were the top of the list on things that had to go from monthly spending which was obviously sad times, but thank the garment gods for black skinny jeans. I love those dark clingy things more than anything and they have been my best friends during these adulting times.

Anyway, it’s been a bit hot for black skinny jeans lately and I am taking off with my family for two weeks of immense heat very soon, so I decided it was acceptable to buy some clothes that won’t make me look like a sad beetroot after walking 10 steps in the sun. I discovered Love The Sales at the start of the year after seeing someone talk about getting jeans from there on Twitter and had a little nosey. It’s  pretty much your best friend if you want to shop on a budget. It basically lists all sale items from a whole load of stores including TopShop, Misguided, Boohoo, Mango, French Connection, Roxy, ASOS, New Look… and take a look at their Phase Eight sale for wedding guest style dresses especially. I don’t have the time or the patience to list them all, but you name it, you’ll most likely find it.

Oh and it’s not just clothes- it’s all manner of beauty, electronics, homeware and stuff for kids.

It bypasses all the other stuff you’d buy if you were rolling in it, and leaves you with a realistic page of shopping options and is completely up to date. You can do all your usual price filtering, item type, brand etc and I love it quite a lot. It’s seriously worth checking out for bargain hunting. Once you’ve found what you want, it transfers you to the retail site to buy it. If you need swimwear right now, get involved. It does high end and high street priced sale items, so whatever the hell you need or just feel the urge to own, you’re covered.

Dress- Mango- via Love The Sales

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