New York photo diary

It’s been well over a week now since I got home from New York and my holiday blues are still going strong. I didn’t know what to expect from the city despite how much I’d read about it and been told about it before I departed to see for myself. I took my boyfriend for his 30th birthday as surprise so I had to do all my research in secret and so we arrived with very few plans and just got to work with City Passes and a street map.

We absolutely bloody loved it- every single second. We were out every single day for 12 or 13 hours and walked over 60 miles, so we did fit a lot in, but actually barely scratched the surface. This is fine by me as it’s a legitimate reason to go back as soon as possible. We got completely sucked up into the New York vacuum of joy as I am calling it, and I now completely get why people go back again and again. We did touristy stuff obviously, but we also did a lot of wondering and stumbling upon things which made for the perfect mixture. I wrote something about tips for your first trip– just practical, helpful things that people fail to mention because OMG YOU’RE GOING TO NYC YOU HAVE TO EAT HERE, HERE AND HERE AND DO THIS AND GO HERE. I will now be one of those people. But anyway- here be photos- shout out to my boyfriend who takes photos a million times better than me and did a whole post full of beautiful New York photography.




We spent a night in a bar called Don’t Tell Mama, which I think is up there with Top of the Rock and  a boat trip on the ‘must do’ list. The staff while they work which when I first heard about it made me cringe, but it was actually also just as much a comedy show and was genuinely brilliant. The staff are all singers who aspire to appear on Broadway, so if you ever go expect some show tunes and also try a ‘Wicked Margarita’.



2 thoughts on “New York photo diary

  1. I totally get the vacuum NY bubble of awesomeness. I first went back in 2008 I think, and have been back another two times (each time for a week). I LOVE IT! And totally get the metroing/walking miles thing – I think it’s the best way to see the city at it’s most glorious!


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