Emergency bucket list

Yesterday while putting things away in the kitchen after eating dinner, I picked up my dog (she’s very little) and then absent mindedly opened the fridge and went to put her in. I repeat, I nearly put my dog in the fridge.

Not only did I nearly refrigerate Maisie the westie, the best part of my day yesterday was sitting in an empty house, in total silence, eating a broccoli stir-fry. This doesn’t make my life sound that great, I’m aware, but I think it tells me what I’ve been suspecting- I need a break.

I have one in two weeks. Just 10 working days left until I can put on my out of office for more than a long weekend since SEPTEMBER LAST YEAR. I don’t know who I am, given that I usually go away every other month. But this has made me even more keen to sit and scroll Instagram and google search my ever-growing bucket list. These are the places I want to go for future ‘I need a mother flipping holiday’ times.

Canada Yes bloody please. Mountains and camping and lakes and all-round epic scenery.


Image: Pixabay

York Closer to home, I’ve been meaning to go to this city for the longest time after hearing only wonderful things from friends who studied there or have taken weekend breaks.

Nice A friend of mine moved here recently and her photos are giving me hell. I’ve only ever been Paris and Calais so I need to explore more of France, starting with the Riviera.


Image: Mike

Costa Rica One for next year’s travel list for certain. Again, I only really got the idea from a friend going here and plastering stuff all over Instagram. Oh and Jurassic World.

Germany I’ve discussed a German road trip with my friends several times over the past couple of years. It looks amazing. I want to go to Berlin and have a ridiculous night out, but also drive through the country and stop off at tiny towns and eat all the carbs and soak up the history.

13 thoughts on “Emergency bucket list

  1. Get yourself to York the next time East Coast do a seat sale! It’s my home town so I’m 100% that person who shouts about how lovely it is. It makes me sad that people who live down south don’t have Betty’s tea rooms on their doorstep for when they feel fancy 😦 xxx


    • Yesss, it’s on my list for Christmas or start of next year. Heard nothing but good things and seen so many beaut looking hotels. You can fully inform me of where to go pre-trip xx


  2. Definitely take a trip to Nice – I went there for a week last year and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. It only takes 20 minutes to get a train to Cannes or Monte Carlo which is even better!


  3. Definitely take a trip to Nice – I went their for a week last year and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. It only takes 20 minutes to get a train to Cannes or Monte Carlo too, which is even better!


  4. 100+10% recommend York- I studied there and now I work there, and just walking around the beautiful streets on a sunny day cheers me up. Betty’s is gorgeous, but incredibly expensive (and the queues are very long on a summer weekend)- so if you want something a bit lowkey and kitsch, you might try Harlequin Cafe, in Kings square? You can get quite trendy veggie stuff or you can get an old fashioned full cream tea, and it’s very relaxed.

    Also- the Minster Gate Bookshop is my favourite place in the whole world. It absolutely gives me life to be surrounded by several floors of floor-to-ceilng shelves of antiquarian and modern books. Can get a bit crowded, but worth it. Hope you enjoy wherever you decide to go – I’ve been reading your blog for a while and really enjoying it, so take a break! x


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