16 snippets of appreciation in adulthood


1) Sitting in absolute silence for a few minutes upon arriving home, away from all technology.

2) Having emergency comfort food stashed away that you can turn to after a harrowing day or several hours of train delays.

3) Having friends who understand the meaning of a text that just says ‘wine’.

4) The joy of having the means to travel.

5) Being able to justify treats (I’m talking like an M&S lunch or an elaborate coffee, not a Chanel bag) because you work hard and you know it. Or you went for a run last night, so carbs are a necessity.

6) Understanding the importance of sleeping properly.

7) Appreciating good food and being able to cook it.

8) Realising that getting home safely, quicker and warmer is worth the money a cab costs.

9) Finding actual joy in cleaning products.

10) The sudden appreciation for candles and cushions as more than just things you buy and chuck on a shelf or a sofa.

11) Savouring any spare time to just lay and read and not speak to anyone.

12) Realising that life isn’t a race and there’s little happiness to be found in trying to make it one.

13) Being old enough to decide if you eat the whole packet of crumpets.

14) Putting more thought into weekends because they don’t last long enough or come round fast enough.

15) Appreciation for all those things your parents did that you used to just think was their job, and they did it because that’s what adults do.

16) Still wanting to and occasionally acting like a teenager on a night out, pre-drinking games and wardrobe raiding included.

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