A face mask that’s worth your pennies from Soap & Glory

My skin has been behaving like a spoilt toddler lately- I’ve given it what it needs, spent money on it, fussed over it and it’s still been having tantrums. Basically a combination of slack make-up brush cleaning, going to the gym with make up on a couple of times and some disagreement with a new shampoo has left my face a bit out of sorts. And lumpy. Really rather lumpy.

I bang on about how sensitive and difficult my skin is all the time, so I won’t go into detail, but there is one combo that makes it feel clean, smooths it out and scrubs all the dirt and other random objects that linger on it to make it feel all new and happy. The Soap and Glory No More Clogs heating face mask came to me after my friend recommended it and I stumbled into Boots and found it on offer the next day. Fate.

I was a bit nervous of it because the heating confused me at first and I thought it was stinging, but nope. It’s pretty bloody glorious. It says to put a ‘grape sized’ blob on your face, then scrub in with wet hands. I always use a little bit more, because I think I have a face the size of the moon, but also I find it harder to get it covered evenly with a smaller amount.

Whenever I wash it off I feel a bit like someones hosed me down and removed all my sins. It’s so cleansing and your face feels like it’s been plumped up and steam cleaned. Besides Elemis face wash, this is my favourite face product. Sensitive skin sufferers and everyone else- go indulge in it’s warm, blue goodness.

It exfoliates well too.

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