5 Times the internet has been good lately


Image: Pixabay

1) Hannah Gale- 9 Places you absolutely have to eat in New York City 

If you weren’t hungry, you will be now. I think I could probably do a trip to NY specifically to eat those ice cream cones and drink the melon juice.

2) The meat-free hamburger that’s made from ‘plant blood’

Just read this. It’s topically interesting amidst obesity and the hype around us being more ‘plant-based’ and also just weird. I like strange food stories.

3) 23 pictures that prove you’re actually really good at life

4) Big Fashionista-Plus size bride

I’ve long been a fan of Kellie’s writing and this is another really refreshing, no nonsense read about feeling good about yourself. Good for her. And also her wedding looked amazing, and we all love wedding nosing, let’s not lie about it.

5) Spice Girls bitching

Because it’s nice to feel like we’re back in 1996

One thought on “5 Times the internet has been good lately

  1. Absolutely loved the 23 pictures article, I actually do feel like I’m doing life a little better than that lot! Gave me a laugh in the morning 🙂


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