10 things I’d like to thank my friends for

I always say how lucky I am with friends. I have such good ones. I have near ones, far ones, older ones, younger ones and all manner of different ones. But ultimately, I feel like fate brought me to the people I spend most of my spare time with and will always have on my Christmas card list, despite never sending a Christmas card to, because being friends with them feels like it’s so right.

Also outlining exactly why you love your friends is therapeutic and makes you feel lucky and happy and warm, so I suggest you give it a go. Then tell them about it, because everyone needs an ego boost sometimes.

1) For making me realise life isn’t a race and we’ll all make it eventually. (Probably, and if we don’t we can crash at each others flats and eat pizza until it feels better)

2) For all bringing such different likes, hobbies, facts and fun things into my life. I couldn’t have found a more random group of people and by miracle or youthful VK drinking bonding, it just works.

3) For making a night stood in front of a TV drinking wine, singing loudly to Enrique and dancing terribly feel like the most fun that anyone could possibly have.

4) Throwing caution to the wind so many times and alwats being up for a challenge, no matter how ridiculous. (Continuing to climb a Sri Lankan mountain using wild dogs as guides will always be my number story of why I lucked out on the friend front)

5) Being the kind of people that say yes more than no, and not just to wine nights and pub lunches, but for all kinds of experiences and fun.

6) For good all-round pub quiz knowledge, because it’s important. It really is.

7) For being patient people, even when change is needed and it seems it might take a lifetime to happen.

8) For the comforting feeling of knowing someone will always reply and chances are they’ll have been there, felt what you’re feeling and fix you with a little anecdotal therapy and a chat about life.

9) For bringing so much humour to everything we do and always laughing even when we are in a hospital waiting room on holiday with a burnt hand and one man down with oral shingles. (Yes, oral shingles are real. Yes, be afraid.)

10) For clawing through adult life with a sense of ‘what the heck is actually going on?’ and never pretending to have everything sorted and together. It’s much nicer to try and fail together and be able to laugh about it.


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