Balance Me skincare for smooth & happy faces 

So this is more of a quick FYI that I could slap on a post-it note than a blog post, but it’s been a hell of a week and I have about 15 drafts littering  my notes section of my phone that I will attempt to make sense of this weekend. Someone emailed me today asking if I was okay because I haven’t blogged much lately. A complete stranger. Who also wished me a happy, restful weekend. I really love humans sometimes.

Anyway, my point is… FACE WASH. One of my favourite things in life. I’ve written this many times on this blog, but if I ever find a new one that works with my problematic skin (breakouts, often allergic, often look like a greasy lobster who’s had a heavy night), then I like to share the love.

This little beauty came as a free gift from the lovely people at Look Fantastic. You always get so many treats and freebies when you order from them, so I recommend it. My sister was worried to try this stuff as she has really sensitive skin too, so I took one for the team and slapped it on. Hello delightfully soft, heavenly smooth skin.

I’ve never felt my skin feel so much like I’d already moisturised after a shower. This even gives me beloved Elemis a run for it’s money in the softness department. And no reaction, no extra oil, no drying out and no sign of a tribe of angry little spots setting up home on my forehead or chin.

I’m going to buy more Balance Me for sure, it’s good at getting off makeup or as first cleanse and I want that smoothness in my life. The ONLY downside to it is the smell. I can’t work out what it’s meant to smell of but I don’t like it. It’s almost like a green tea smell, and I’m not really into it, but the end result is worth it. It would be a solid 10/10 if it weren’t for the smell. I really recommend it. 

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