5 Louis Theroux documentaries on Netflix you need to watch

Documentaries can’t be beaten. I used to lose entire days of my life to the Documentary channel when I was a student with nothing better to do on a Tuesday. I miss that channel deeply. But now of course there is Netflix, which is upping it’s documentary game all the time. Clearly a lot of people feel the same because this post on 6 documentaries worth watching and where to find them has taken over as the most read ever on this site.

One of my fave documentary makers is obviously Louis Theroux. There’s something about the way he manages to look harrowed but interested at the same time in all situations that I love. And how completely chill he is even when he’s in gravely dangerous places, like he’s about to casually have a sit down and a latte. Netflix have recently added a ton of Theroux stuff and I spent the weekend just gone feeling quite rubbish and watching many of them. These are 5 currently available on UK Netflix that you need to watch if you haven’t already. Or just re-watch them. Seriously.

1) Weird Weekenders- Professional Wrestling

I have zero interest in wrestling, professional or not, so I didn’t really expect to enjoy this, but it’s actually SO interesting. If you look at professional wrestling and all the strange soap opera drama and roll your eyes, give it a watch. Wrestling is a crazy world to be in so it seems. From barbed wire rituals to huge beefy men acting out melodrama while wearing spandex.

2) The ultra Zionists

This is not a lighthearted watch by any means. It actually made me feel sad, confused, angry and then sad again, but it’s absolutely fascinating. It’s about the fight between a small Jewish community and their surrounding Arab neighbours over who should occupy the West Bank. Definitely one of the most interesting Louis docs on Netflix and it actually explains a lot about that part of the world that I didn’t understand.

3) Twilight

After I stumbled on Hot Girls Wanted (a Netflix documentary) on how young girls get into porn, I became quite fascinated by it and me and my housemate started watching all sorts of documentary films that try to navigate around all the reasons youngsters enter the world of pornography. This is a look back at a documentary on porn from the 90s and what’s happened to those people featured since. It’s not exactly light hearted but it’s more chilled Friday night friendly than The Ultra Zionists and really eye opening.

4) The return of America’s most hated family

This is a follow up to my favourite ever Louis Theroux about the Westboro Baptist Church in America, which if you haven’t seen, you HAVE to watch. It’s one of those things where you sit with your mouth open in shock at the world. I watched this when I was in sixth form and jumped right on this one when it was released. Religion, yo.

5) Under The Knife

Plastic surgery obviously. One of my favourite documentary subjects, don’t ask me why, but I just can’t help but be morbidly fascinating by extreme surgery and what it does to people. This is a good weekend watch watch with friends. And his face when he sees some of the surgery results is priceless.

3 thoughts on “5 Louis Theroux documentaries on Netflix you need to watch

  1. I read your list and holy shit you like the same stuff as I do!! I am so happy for this list and can’t wait to watch them ALL. Thank you so much, please publish more lists!!


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