Glasses and sunglasses from Firmoo

Anyone who’s got bad eyesight will be well aware of the perils of buying glasses. Oh and the cost. I remember getting a new prescription at 19 and needing new glasses and basically grovelling with my parents to help me pay because my student loan couldn’t stretch to the £90 it cost just to thin the lenses.

I’ve only bought new glasses once in the last 6 years, which for someone with eyes as bad as me is either impressive or really quite bad. I love trying them on and actually like wearing them, I just don’t like how much all the extras mount up to and also the part where I go in after and get told my ‘odd shaped head’ means they’ll need serious adjusting.

I’ve never considered buying glasses online because I couldn’t imagine getting them without trying them on. I still feel like this is a weird thing to do, but a couple of few ago I got the chance to try some specs from Firmoo, an online fashion glasses and sunglasses site, and I’ve worn glasses over contacts more than I have in years since.

They offered me a pair from a massive range of either prescription frames or sunglasses. They have glasses for basically every face shape and style and importantly lots of info on size and width of frame, for those of us are sitting in front of screens a lot and need good coverage. They also sent a handy how-to guide for measuring your pupillary distance (the distance between your pupils) so you can do it at home. The whole thing made me miss my uni job as an optical assistant where I basically told people if they could pull off bright blue glasses and sat in the dark monitoring field tests.

Anyway, long story short, I picked a pair of glasses that Harry Potter would be proud of and that make me look a bit like a scientist, and I love them. The ordering process took about ten minutes, and the delivery was amazing. I got tracking updates for every leg of the journey including when they had boarded the plane and when they got off. Considering they flew across the world from China to get to me they arrived at my door in just shy of 3 days, with a free map case and cleaner.

Seriously impressive service and seriously nice glasses. They were bigger than anticipated but after I repeatedly asked if I looked stupid at home I’ve grown to be a huge fan. The glasses are strong, light and the lenses stay smear free for ages, which for me is a huge bonus.

Considering how against online buying I was, I would definitely do it again. The lens quality is better than store bought glasses and Firmoo charge half the price. I’m 100% investing in their prescription sunglasses, which I’ve always needed but never wanted to pay out for.

Oh and if you want sunglasses for summer, take a look. I want about 10 pairs of the wayfarers and cat eye range.

* Items given for review are written about honestly and all opinions are my own

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