Body and fitness goals- summer

 Getting fit is one of those things that so many people want to do, some people can’t be bothered to do, some people physically struggle to do and others just seem to do effortlessly. I definitely do not fall in the kale blending, early morning running, super toned effortless group, as much as I would love to deep down. I used to really beat myself up every year when summer rolled round at not having gotten myself fitter because let’s face it, we all want to look good in bikinis or summer clothes or whatever.

It’s taken a long old time to realise that ‘looking good’ is basically just interpretation and interpreting yourself as already looking good is a step in the right direction. If I didn’t have health problems and grumpy joints that hold me back, I reckon I could give the full fitness freak lifestyle a really good go ( I say 2 hours before I’m off to Hache to eat thousands of calories in burger and milkshake), but the simple fact is, I probably will never fit that mould.

So I’m basically going to do the next best thing, and challenge myself to find the highest point I can reach when it comes to fitness and physical health. I did the Body Coach 90 DaySSS plan last year, and got told several times that I looked thin enough to snap, and that was after 6 weeks of eating no sugar, no junk food, virtually no alcohol and none of my all time favourite pick and mix sweets. I definitely got fitter from the plan, but I don’t want to look too thin, I just want to look and more importantly feel physically good.

I’ve already made a start on this by joining a gym where I’m now living with my mum and sister who spur me on, and together we’ve been going to various classes every week for quite some time now. I’ve already noticed a difference from this, and genuinely feel like some sort of Olympian after a spin session, so things are on the up.

The other day after spinning my instructor asked what my aim was, and I sort of just looked at her (and noticed even MORE muscle on her perfectly toned body) and realised I didn’t have a clue. Exercising and increasing fitness and prancing around in lycra is all good and well, but I guess you do need some sort of aim. If I have a goal to work to (finish work so you can eat burgers) then I tend to do everything better and more efficiently.

As luck would have it, I got an email that week asking if I was interested in running Run London- the Vitality British 10k happening on July 10 and raising a bit of awareness on this blog and across social media.

I didn’t reply straight away because a) running is effort and b) can I actually run 10k? Then I did that thing where I type a draft reply and look at it then just carry on watching Netflix without pressing send.

I have hips that sub-lax (basically, half dislocate, it’s really quite grim and the noises are not sexy) thanks to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome so I have to be careful with running, but I need something to train for and get my teeth into and this seems like a good focus to have.

There is of course a small chance I will reach somewhere around the 7k mark and then lay on the ground and silently weep into my water bottle, but I’m hoping to avoid such a thing.

If you’re looking for something to train for and springboard you into your fitness or bikini body plans then take a look at the website, because after looking at the route and officially signing up I’m seriously excited. Starting on Piccadilly outside The Cavalry & Guards Club on Hyde Park corner, runners will make their way past London landmarks including the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, so you can fully pretend I’m Paula Radcliffe running the marathon in record time. I love London, not only because it’s my hometown but the sights never really get old.


By signing up you can also run for one of the amazing charities the race is supporting. Official partners this year include Epilepsy and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, but there’s a whole host of others on the website.

Having now received my ‘you’re running, this is happening, shit is getting real’ email I feel so motivated to start. I’m hoping that by the time the run comes around, I’ll be in the kind of physical shape I always want to be, but manage to talk myself out of achieving. I won’t lie either that I’m also spending 2 weeks in dessert heat in August and would like to feel confident on a beach for once in my life.

Oh and if you see anyone laying on the floor by Big Ben on July 10 asking people for a piggy back, do stop and say hi to me.

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