21 Sources of Childhood happiness that are still as good now

1) Tea and biscuits.

2) Pancakes on a weekend morning.

3) Listening to it rain from bed.

4) Saturday nights in with a 4000 calorie meal.

5) Coming home to the smell of dinner already being cooked.

6) Waking up to sun coming through blinds.

7) Watching homemade Yorkshire puddings rise in the oven.

8) Eating whole loaves of bread between 2 or 3 when only toast will do.

9) Having someone else paint your nails.

10) Being a ‘practice model’ for any kind of plait.

11) The smell of fresh washing coming in from the garden in the summer.

12) The smell of cut grass on sunny Sunday mornings.

13) Being told you’ve made a really good cup of tea.

14) Waking up in the middle of the night to go on holiday and being so excited despite it still being dark and having had about an hours sleep.

15) Being given any hot fruit pie for pudding.

16) Hot chocolate made at home properly on the hob.

17) Watching a storm with all the lights off but but never getting too near a window for fear of lightning striking.

18) Absolutely anything Winnie The Pooh.

19) Getting straight into a bath after getting caught in rain.

20) Any occasion that warrants a buffet style dinner.

21) Taking a duvet downstairs to the sofa for a day of not moving.

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