6 times the internet has been good recently


Favourite reads and things that have me made me laugh or weep lately:

1) This tweet. I’ve been going back to this for a laugh at least once a day for the past week or so. I don’t know exactly what’s funniest, the size of the pelican, how uncomfortable the dean looks or the situation in general. Credit to @IncrediblyRich for always RTing the best laughs.

2) Acne needs more attention. This was a discussion on BBC Newsbeat this week, after skin charities called for more to be done to help sufferers with acne, particularly which services are available to them.

3) As part of allergy awareness week the writers over at Standard Issue put this together on what makes them sneeze and itch and it’s rather hilarious. I never imagined I’d be entertained by allergies, but this is perfect lunchtime reading.

4) The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apology video. I don’t even know if they meant for this to be funny but Depp’s immensely straight face is too much. Apols Australia.

5) How to think about the future of marketing and everything else. If you’re into digital comms or marketing or strategy this is for you.

6) 22 hilarious tweets about babies. Classic Buzzfeed lunchtime reading.



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