When inanimate objects become social media famous


When something has a massive spike in popularity due to social media, it’s usually not because it’s an amazing product or it’s changing lives worldwide or something. It’s much more likely because it’s aesthetically pleasing, has some serious brand/PR power behind it, is being touted as the next miracle health food or is easy to photograph on the go. That’s how I think when I scroll through Instagram or Twitter at the moment, because you see so much of the same thing being posted, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is interesting to watch things you wouldn’t have given two thoughts to a year ago suddenly become an online sensation.

For example, the humble avocado, leader of the ‘good fat’ pack, is basically the Kim Kardashian of food thanks to endless people crushing them up and sticking them on toast with a sprinkling of black pepper and chilli flakes. If you didn’t take a photo of avo on sourdough in 2015 were you really alive during 2015? (unless you’re allergic to it like me, in which case you’re let off, and is also the reason I assume I’ll never be internet famous.)

I swear things are getting stranger now. Avocado, to be fair, not that strange. Neither is the very well documented latte art (how do they do it though?) because it looks good, is quite impressive and coffee is divine. But now there’s a whole league of inanimate objects who are having a massive moment of fame online. The things that have become social media famous because they look good on a grid or make you appear like a lifestyle guru who’s probably currently at home installing a Nespresso machine while your cats play next to you and some kale steams in the kitchen and DEFINITELY NOT at work with a dry shampoo bun.

Such as-

1) Attractive floors. colourful tiles, nice patterns, rustic looking cracks- if you like floors you’re in luck, because they’ve migrated from Pinterest and are now everywhere, making your shoes look good and your freshly painted toenails standout.

2) Lush bath bombs. They’re everywhere. Kind of like a weird, fizzy, rainbow army.

3) White bedding. The simplest of the linens is now a backdrop for every photo of ‘I just happen to have barista-quality lattes and a fruit salad in bed every morning’.

4) Cacti. The spiky little buggers are suddenly everywhere being all chic and green in their white pots.

5) Street art. Because look at me and all my culture and colours.

6) Patterned coffee cups. Starbucks probably know more people buy their drinks for the ‘patterned seasonal cup Instagram post’ rather than because they wanted a coffee- hence why more and more appear. Hashtag spring.

7) Other people’s front doors, because we live in a world where ‘door envy’ is a thing now.

I wish it were that easy for people to become hugely influential.

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