Adulthood awakening


Yesterday I woke up at 7am curled up in bed with one of my best friends. She was hovering over me with a glass of juice and some painkillers and we took them, groaned about the time and promptly went back to sleep for two hours. I didn’t have much of a hangover after the headache subsided but the struggle was real because TIRED. Tired from work and the extra exercise and not sleeping lately because someone in my life has taken up snoring.

This weekend it hit me fully in the face that I am soon entering my late twenties. I am an actual grown up human. I do grown up things. I was groggy and feeling a tiny bit worse for wear and instead of rolling to McDonalds or ordering food to bed I got ready, exfoliated myself, organised my clothes and went out for an Iranian brunch at a rustic little cafe. If that doesn’t scream adulting I don’t know what does. Not only that, but I also took time to check my bank balance, do some life admin, sort out washing, move around some savings, wash my hair, check my work emails and read three chapters of a book before 4pm. That level of productivity and activity on a day after a pretty big night out is a new occurrence in my life. 

I don’t know if everyone has one of these ‘IT IS HAPPENING YOU ARE BECOMING OLD AND MATURE’ moments like I’ve had this weekend, but it’s weird. I don’t even dislike it. In fact, going out felt weird. Discussing in a WhatsApp group chat what to buy for snacks and where to get prosecco from and what to wear made me feel like some sort of giggly teenager because it happens so infrequently these days. I’m saving instead of spending, choosing nice food over rowdy drinking sessions, exercising instead of spending Saturday in bed and just feeling fully like I’m not a teenager anymore. For the last few years I’ve still felt 18. I haven’t felt much different from when I started uni apart from getting a job and having to pay rent. 

But now it’s happened. I can now identify with adulthood. I like being up and out early, I like getting loads done before lunchtime, I dread the thought of a hangover and I try and eat my 5 a day every single day. I’m sure there are other more life-affirming things I do and feel that add to the growing up vibes but you catch my drift.  

8 thoughts on “Adulthood awakening

  1. I’m glad you don’t dislike this realisation… I’m sure it means you make a good adult! Haha I on the other hand am totally dreading the day this happens to me! X


  2. This post is awesome. I totally get those feelings. I don’t know when they too first hit me, but I’m with you. When I was first post uni, not much changed massively. But now it’s different. I still love a good going out, but it’s usually pub/food too based, rather than just a bar.
    I now HATE queuing all night to be served at a bar too!


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