Photoshoots for bloggers


Bloggers have better photos these days than glossy magazines and online shopping sites. I was recently browsing at work with a colleague while we were discussing a presentation on blogging and he thought I was showing him a designer shop. Having better cameras, editing skills and posing locked down is pretty much part and parcel of having a blog now. Outfit posts have enormously taken off because the combination of fashion inspiration, trend alerts and having a nose into what others are wearing is a winner, no doubt about that.

I’ve become quite obsessed by photography lately- taking photos, rather than being in them, and it’s turned into an actual hobby, which is good because I don’t think staring at an iphone or sampling gin mixers can really count as hobbies.

I’ve been trailing around after my boyfriend on photoshoots on and off for the past few months to learn more (I’m mostly in it for the VERY cute babies he gets to photograph) and I’ve arranged several blogger shoots which have been really fun. Massive thanks to Sasha and Bonita who feature in this post from past shoots. Blog photography is serious business so it’s been quite nice to see photos he’s taken (and I’ve had a go at) being used in posts and popping up all over social media.

Photo 29-03-2016, 12 56 46.jpg

Photography is such a useful skill to have in the digital age. Before I laid my hands on an DSLR camera I thought it was all in the eye- if a shot frames up nicely you just take it and you’ll have a lovely photo. IF ONLY. There’s so much to learn when it comes to making the most of cameras, and then on top of that there’s the editing and all the technical terms. Histograms, ISO, shading, bouncing the flash etc etc.

If you have recently got a flashy DSLR, there’s a few tips on what to focus on first here.

The shots below are all from blog shoots, all around London. If you’re interested in having some photos done (for a blog or anything else), drop me a line- or you know, tweet me or whatever. The more the merrier (glossier). Bloggers in London- get in touch for outfit shoots!




Processed with VSCO with a9 preset


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