19 things you start doing when you finally have a bit of spare cash because you’re sort of an adult 

1) Paying more than £5 for a bottle of wine.

2) Turning up to events with an offering- wine, chocolate, flowers, shots, cheese.

3) Not immediately filtering ‘price low to high’ when online shopping. 

4) Considering ordering from the full menu in restaurants but still fully appreciating 2 mains for £12 because life.

5) Branching out to a high end face wash and feeling like a beauty guru. 

6) Adding things like chutney, marinade, just-in-case-you-need-it-wine and flowers to a quick food shop. 

7) Daring to step inside TopShop. 

8) Experimenting with vodka mixers that aren’t just Supermarket own brand lemonade or orange squash. 

9) Realising just how many brands of gin actually exist once you stop picking up Tesco Value on autopilot. 

10) Wanting to pay out more to stay somewhere that will likely not have high cockroach risk and a better view on holidays. 

11) Buying tights from somewhere other than Primark. 

12) Going out for meals that involve starters, wines and adult things like coffee and proper tips.

13) Getting really into throwing your money at candles and insents and other things that make your home smell nice. 

14) Brunch as a hobby.

15) Taking great joy in not having to immediately go to the outlet on ASOS. 

16) Having your eyes open to shops like Lakeland and Dunelm and basically anywhere that sells nice, soft bedding. 

17) Spending more on clothes because “they’ll last longer” and because you’re old. 

18) Drinking prosecco at every occasion you get invited to. Sometimes with a berry chucked in. 

19) Buying food that’s really good for you and costs loads because wellbeing and kale and whatever. 

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