Travel inspiration- Galway

For the past few years I’ve spent Easter weekend away or booking to go away. This year I’m spending it with a chest infection, and I definitely won’t be booking a holiday. Sad times for me, but if you’re looking for travel inspiration for a trip this year, I found my photos from Galway last night and it reminded me how bloody glorious it was. 

I spent some time in Ireland last September doing a bit of The Wild Atlantic Way, which is basically driving up the west coast of the country. We stayed in a few places but spent the longest time in Galway. If you make a trip to Ireland and manage to escape the clutches of Dublin, please go to Galway. It’s the most beautiful, colourful, quaint city with rolling countryside all around it. It’s also home to hands down one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been- Connemara National Park. This place reminded me a bit of rural Sri Lanka, which wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but is no bad thing. 

In the city there’s loads of places to eat around the Latin Quarter including a famous fish and chip restaurant called Mc Donagh’s, and there’s also the most adorable tea shop. Cupan Tae is like stepping back in time in an Irish fairytale. It does all sorts of cakes and coffees and afternoon teas but basically you just need to go in and get a mocha and their chocolate digestive cake. It’s a calorific dream come true. 

 The best part of the city though is the pubs. So many pubs. So many GOOD pubs, as is expected. We weren’t staying in that close to the action though, we had an air B&B about half hour out so we spent a fair amount of time roaming the countryside. We only had one sunny day there, and we spent it in the absolute best way possible (after we switched our broken down hire car)- CONNEMARA. 

Insanely beautiful isn’t really enough to cover this place. You really should go on a sunny clear day but I can’t imagine any weather making it less epic. Kylemore Abbey and the ancient gothic church are the first stop off before you enter the full glory of the park. 


You can actually stay in Connemara, which I fully intend on going back and doing one day. There are a few scattered hotels and b&bs especially as you first drive in. When we entered I felt a bit like we were in the Safety Dance music video (if you don’t know what that is you need to get on it immediately). 

If you can bring yourself to leave Connemara then spending sunset at Galway Bay is worth an hour, even on a grey day when it’s raining. 
It’s a massive county so getting out to some of the villages and coastal areas is a must. The Flaggy Shore was my favourite spot we visited, partly because we also stopped off in the most colourful little village for French toast.

I could sit and upload about 50 more photos of Galway but I’m scared my post won’t load, so please just put it on your travel list and go see for yourself. Everything, from the people, to the live music, to the scenery, is pretty much perfect. 

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