A friendship round-up

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The last couple of weeks have been a really gross time. You know when you’re already down and your health kicks you? Well yeah, that. I’ve basically had a stubborn and really hectic cold that developed into a chest infection and of course, true to form, I had a holiday booked in the middle of it. My body loves to coast along and then dump as many germs as possible on me when I have nice plans. I still went to a lot of beaches and got fully involved with wine though so FU bacteria and viruses and life.

Being really ill was actually made a bit easier by something that sounds bad and I wish it didn’t happen, but all my friends have had a terrible couple of weeks too. Sharing the bad times made them a lot less bad. Eight of us (my uni friends) went to Wales for four nights and in that time we frequented A&E, an emergency dentist and spent a lot of time on NHS Choices. Between us we had two chest infections, a burnt hand, a sore throat, a cold and the lovely little sexy surprise of shingles. I shit you not. My friend actually got diagnosed with shingles.


It went from just me feeling like crap, my friend with some suspect mouth ulcers and feeling run down and once black filter coffee accident, to full bodily chaos. We survived the trip and did everything we wanted through sheer perseverance but seriously, what is the universe doing?

I’m just glad I have the sort of friends that instead of getting angry about me spreading a cold around, just started making puns and pouring flasks of hot whiskey. I’ve said it so many times before but choosing your friends carefully makes an enormous difference to life in general. Even when we’re all suffering, irritable, snotty, sore and utterly grim looking, my friends still come through and bring the good times.

Examining your friends infected mouth (shingles can be brutal yo) is not ideal weekend away times, but life happens. I’m glad that I feel confident enough in my mid-twenties to know I have friends that will ask if my nose is leaking ‘a nicer colour’ and top up my wine while they’re at it and still eat food I helped make.

I had a crap time with friends when I was a late teen and it took a while to work out what kind of group, and now groups, I wanted to be part of. I’ve done a pretty good job. I’ve found some good people. I’m smug about it. In the last five years I’ve made friends for life, met people who have impacted on me hugely, made friends abroad, friends at work and I’ve also culled friends and cut people out. Not in a horrible bitchy way or because I think I have a right to dump people, just because there’s little point in keeping people around who give you nothing back.

Some of the stuff about friendship on this blog has been the most read and most shared, so it seems to be a topic people can relate to:

Culling bad friends 

The kind of friends we all need

Unideal situations with friends

You get the point. I go on about friends and support a lot, but it’s when you’ve been reminded how lucky you are and how much friends matter that you may as well go on about it a bit more.


2 thoughts on “A friendship round-up

  1. Your friends sound like the best type. I’m 100% about not investing time into fruitless friendships that exist purely for old times’ sake. I see close friends regularly try to cling onto friendships that worked age 14 but just don’t 10 years later and watching people get let down makes me so much more inclined to invest my time into friendships I really give a shit about. Reading posts like yours make me realise that out-growing friendships are definitely a thing and trying to maintain them is nothing more than toxic.


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