10 reasons Wales should be your next mini-break

I’ve become a bit obsessed with seeing as much of the UK as I possibly can in the past year. I spend a disproportionate amount of time on Air B&B looking up cottages and googling ‘most scenic beaches’ because why the Hell not? It’s all here and it’s all a car journey away (unless you go to Skye which I class as a MEGA car journey).

Last week I hauled myself and 7 friends to the most insanely beautiful converted barn in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We went armed with a magnum of prosecco, trainers, Biscoff and erm, a drone.

I can’t exactly say the four days went entirely to plan (I’ve now experienced Welsh A&E and been supportive in a Welsh emergency dentist) but it was bloody lovely anyway. I’d only ever been to Cardiff before for a ‘how many jaeger bombs can we drink in 48 hours’ sort of affair, so it was well and truly time to see some countryside and go to some of the beaches my mum has been telling me about for years.

I mean, Wales really does know how to do a beach. Between walking across sand freezing our limbs off, shouting “AWWWW” at lambs, marvelling at the price of a pint and breathing in a lot of fresh air, I decided I need to live by the sea at some point in my life. For the time we were on beaches, it was the sort of cold where your start to wonder if you still have a nose and how you’ll ever be able to grip anything, but I sort of kind of like cold beach days. I don’t know who I am either.

So yeah basically, two big fat thumbs up to Wales and you should totally go and actually stay in the exact adorable barn complex we were in. It had UNDERFLOOR HEATING and the dining table of dreams. Eat your heart out Cribs. If you like really nice photos and being super nosey this photo blog of the whole trip is here.

Here’s a few more reasons to get booking a dreamy little country break:

1) Beaches that look like something straight out of your dreams with no litter, no crowding, no pollution and the cleanest, bluest looking sea. Barafundle beach should be advertised as somewhere to go and clean out your soul and mind and become a better a person. It’s better looking than any Kardashian and you have to trek down a sandy cliff path to get there after passing through a stone arch. Life.

2) Daffodills. Everywhere.

3) Spring will never ever be cuter. Wales has a lot sheep, you probably guessed. Lots of sheep mean lots of baby sheep and while I’m not one for trying to touch or hug farm animals, they’re pretty bloody adorable to watch from a safe distance with a latte.

4) You can go to Dobby’s final resting place. This was pretty much the most exciting part of the whole 4 days. I was looking up good places for sunsets and came across photos of Freshwater West beach. One of my pals googled it and it tuns out it’s where the HP crew filmed Dobby’s funeral. All of the feels. We went there at sunset and climbed all over the sand dunes and I’ve never been anywhere more peaceful. If you love HP and  you like sand, I can highly recommend.

5) There’s no end of amazing looking converted barns. I’ve never stayed in a barn before, but I will be putting it high on my agenda to do more often. I don’t know if saying I really, really like wooden beams is the lamest thing ever, but I care not. I really REALLY like them.

6) You’ll never find more pastel coloured houses anywhere. Why don’t more places paint their houses? It makes everything so much nicer. And much more instagram-worthy.

7) Tenby. Maybe the cutest seaside town I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

8) The amount of sand dunes. You can’t be unhappy on a sand dune.

9) Wales apparently has more castles per-square mile than anywhere else in the UK. I don’t feel like you can dislike castles.

10) The sunsets. I tried and tested and can confirm they’re solid, 10/10 sunsets.  



4 thoughts on “10 reasons Wales should be your next mini-break

  1. Glad you had an ace time – even with the A and E?!
    I grew up in Llangollen, North Wales, but since moving away and then settling now in Cheshire, I spend more time in north wales on weekends’ away than ever (the cheshire lot go that way for a sea side fix!)
    I love rhosneigr, and borth-y-gest now so much!


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